Netizens wonder if Jennie’s outfit on ‘The Idol’ is considered clothing

Jennie’s outfit on ‘The Idol’ is considered clothing..?

……. It looks like the clothes were made with some 3D pen

I really hope that The Weeknd never grabs camera again in his life

[+277, -125]

1. [+258, -23] Seriously, what did Jennie do wrong? She was wearing only the clothes the production staff had given her, and Lily-Rose Depp next to her was wearing the same clothes and acting according to the role. What the hell is there to curse Jennie here? Why did Jennie get scolded for that clothes?

2. [+192, -96] I feel bad for her. She’s a top idol, but she’s doing all this just to fit the US standards…

3. [+99, -40] Seriously, It’s freaking disgusting

4. [+84, -36] It really looks weird

5. [+58, -10] Jennie is sure of the image she wants to show, and she just hides it with the drugstore wrappers

6. [+26, -3] She really looks like a Southeast Asian, Jennie doesn’t look like a Korean

7. [+23, -1] Why did she do that?

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it’s seoul cycle i’m not surprised


Ugly and desperate whore. She doesn’t even have an attractive body to show off. I wonder where she even gets her confidence comes from? Lily Rose is short but jenslut’s body still looks like a toddler compared to lily’s lmao. And the fact that hagnie decided to show off her boobs for a flop disgusting porn like this shows exactly her class. The embarrassment of kpop. As if her numerous lazy scandals weren’t enough.


your life must be so sad


Why are they pitying her as if someone forced her ? Her stage outfits aren’t different like girlie really likes short, revealing clothes.


Why they blaming the weeknd for it?? They really like babying this woman 💀 if it was another idol, even a younger idol they would’ve been on blast for such things


right, crazy to blame one of the creators of the show instead of one of the minor actors RIGHHHHT ? Ughhhhh

Cum Dumpster for BTS Oppas

Good for cum dumpster


Even her fans babying this dozen and codling her like she was trapped to act in this rape series. The amount of shielding she gets despite constantly being a slut and a whore. She runs after western validation and always wants an easy way out of things. Never works hard & thought she could use her connections to get everything. The lashings she is getting for her horrible acting and vocals are well deserved. And the pornstar scenes and clothes she wore are very much in brand for her and the image she wants to so desperately portray to her audience.

Slutnie has been sex obsessed since she was a kid. Slutshaming other girls and making sexual signs in photos. No decency and class. Just a random cheap whore.


troye sivan deleted this photo after posting it. it really makes you wonder if he was contacted to remove it.


The comments here need help. Get over yourself.


Lmaooo she thought she’ll eat with this awful outfit and somehow get famous in hollywood…all this for a mid show and an even awful acting.
Western validation and clout chasing goes crazy.


Jennie, your beauty is simply enchanting. Your radiant smile and graceful presence make you the epitome of elegance. It’s no surprise that you are the subject of many gentlemen’s dreams


Her face isn’t pretty so she needs her body to get a validation.


Are you blind? Where is her beauty? She has the face of a drunkard after ten years of hard drinking. And her body is in a bad shape, no muscles, flabby ass and cellulite.

Teenaged puppy

Acting like this woman isn’t damn near thirty. She can wear what she wants but that doesn’t save her from deserved criticism. She is a Korean idol… not American. Stop acting like her throwing herself at an American audience in the most trashy way is not deserving of criticism. She’s giving desperate and cheap and her own fans would riot if these actions were done by any other idol regardless of their gender.

Jon Xina

Clocking her for being a slvt, we love to see it.

She fvcked and mud skipped for a role and collab onlyy for both to tank and destroy her image lol. Wh0re.


was the southeast asian part really necessary ?


So thats what kai, v, gd look at their night. I bet it looses with the amout of D got inside her.

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