Netizens wonder if Jennie’s outfit on ‘The Idol’ is considered clothing

Jennie’s outfit on ‘The Idol’ is considered clothing..?

……. It looks like the clothes were made with some 3D pen

I really hope that The Weeknd never grabs camera again in his life

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1. [+258, -23] Seriously, what did Jennie do wrong? She was wearing only the clothes the production staff had given her, and Lily-Rose Depp next to her was wearing the same clothes and acting according to the role. What the hell is there to curse Jennie here? Why did Jennie get scolded for that clothes?

2. [+192, -96] I feel bad for her. She’s a top idol, but she’s doing all this just to fit the US standards…

3. [+99, -40] Seriously, It’s freaking disgusting

4. [+84, -36] It really looks weird

5. [+58, -10] Jennie is sure of the image she wants to show, and she just hides it with the drugstore wrappers

6. [+26, -3] She really looks like a Southeast Asian, Jennie doesn’t look like a Korean

7. [+23, -1] Why did she do that?

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