Netizens wonder if NewJeans’ cake has anything to do with the Itaewon disaster

Celebrating NewJeans’ 100 Days, Black Ribbon Cake

What if coincidences keep happening?

[+24, -99]

1. [+43, -3] Itaewon disaster happened at 10 pm. Did New Jeans cut the cake and eat it at 6pm??

2. [+14, -3] But it’s a bit creepy. What kind of black ribbon on the cake..? The shape of the cake is also tubular

3. [+9, -0] Do you believe in flat earth theory?ㅋㅋ

4. [+9, -7] This is weird, I feel it too, you’re not the only one

5. [+3, -1] The black ribbon is a bit weird… I’m not saying it has anything to do with the Itaewon disaster, but that in itself is weird; Even with the same black and white cake, it can be beautified without feeling weird, so why does it look like that?

6. [+2, -0] Are you mentally ill?

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You should know that “Coincidence” doesn’t not exist…(it’s rather a destiny or planned)

I mean, I’m not blaming the girls ( they did nothing just follow the agency’s orders) ,

But this is really creepy and suspicious, I believe that the evil power exists and everything could happen because the evil people are evil They will do anything even it’s acrime or a SACRIFICE, and even show what they do the the people(the public) in such a smart way(symbols) with differentmethods ( celebrities, films,mv,cartoon…), because they know that the majority will never believe that they did bad things, and this latter will just start shaming the ones who believed…
Just think more about it.


the way you’re talking like newjeans and their agency has been doing witchcrafts since 2016 which is absurd btw and you making a whole essay based only this one post about cake….


I didn’t mean anything bad for the girls at all , I didn’t blame the company either. I knew already that too much people won’t agree with me , but I didn’t expect this much… It’s hurt how can I be misunderstoodlike this? I’m depressed now you may be happy I hate myself too tho


you’re depressed just because I don’t agree with your comment ? Then don’t comment on internet at all if you are afraid or gets hurt easily.

You can’t expect anyone to agree with you or have the same opinion as you cause after all we are humans with different views and opinions . Just like you’re allowed to voice out your opinion , other people are also allowed to counterback your opinion. I didn’t even say ‘ kys ‘ at my previous comment hello ?

Anyway stop pulling the depression card


What the fuck ??


something about black ribbons creeps me out… i always associate them with death and mourning


Except in korea ppl wear white ribbons at funerals


The cake looks like a casket and the black ribbons make it even weirder.


if i knew korean i wouldnt be on this site. whats the point of translating the comments but leaving us to figure out the context


weird and ugly ass cake




gflop salty fans spamming the comment


what sort of conspiracy theory… there are a lot of shocking similar points but that doesn’t mean they’re actually connected pls


NewJeans live was a couple hours before the accident. If you’re sspicious then you’re an idiot.


is this post for real 💀

believe what you want

if y’all ever heard of blood offerings/human sacrifices … yk there’s more to this than what meets the eye but I won’t be saying it wouldnt be too far fetched for celebrities and their companies to do things of the sort they already do their devil worshiping right in our faces and it goes over a lot of y’all’s heads so even if they were involved it too would go unnoticed

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