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what jennie does on her own time is none of v’s concern. and vice versa.


Tae’s not worried about that cunt


because he have that sponsor joanna


You don’t have to project your fave norms onto others


Saying this when Jennie and rose being whores for Jeremy oppa

Tae is not the one shopping his body around for deals


joanna is jennies bestie what are you trying to proof


he dating a cougar, support him


You mean ur dad?


jennie is crazy


Genuine question wtf tae has to do with this????


Some kpop stans have deluded themselves into thinking that Taehyung is dating Jennie.


but its true though. why are ya’ll deluding yourselves into thinking those leaked pictures are edited??? they’re 100% real. accept the fact that the kpop industry is small and working in the same industry…it’s normal for idols to date each other. let them be happy.


너의 꿈에서 진짜는 확실한 증거가 없다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


why is a korean here lmfao? don’t yall have the original forums or is this an international fan using papago?


Free Taehyung from knetizens and yg artists


Atp it’s free both Jennie and Taehyung from these out of touch knetz who keep bringing up one another in any of their dumb posts.


Such a loose whore


loose whore = your mom


That’s your mother after giving birth to you


Nah thats jennie


The way armies talk about is so upsetting and disgusting calling all type of names. Even tho most of y’all are women you don’t see Jennie as one it’s sick to see this fandom call her names just cuz she may or may not be dating V. Like what did this girl ever do to y’all to deserve such treatment.


They need to start preach what their faves told them first n foremost, imagine having your faves as the ambassador of anti bullying campaign but having the fandom of the biggest cyberbully on the net. Sick. Lets not forget how they made james corden apologize on tv show after sending him death threats!!!! And bts members are just there laughing…. birds of feather i guess

Anna Marie

Kindly tell that to your slut idol. If she want to be respected,she must respect her self first. Jennie is really a slut and a whore.🤮🤮

Hi, Im Guest

Exactly, anti bullying.. Not cyberbully. So yeah 😌 our fave didn’t said 🙂


Well that girl has her own antis so not all are belonging to that other fandom. I guess she really has a bad reputation and enjoys being talked about.


Why do you have to be logged in to see this article?


Jennie is the definition of a used up whore


That’s your mother, a used up whore by many men at a club


Stop milking this. Free Taehyung and stop using his name with this lazy unprofessional wh*re. Druggie Gd and her are a perfect fit for each other.


V is probably having fun or busy with his PARADISE sponsor.


Lol try harder jenfad stan

Anna Marie

Slut. Jennieeee is really a slut. She cannot surivive without a man.


What is wrong with u women degrading other women is really wrong are u jealous or something leave her alone she is 26 for crying out loud she is a grown adult how can u slUt shame someone who is jxt dancing and having fun


you guys talk about Jennie in really weird ways, it’s sad icl.
korea is really conservative, that party looks calm


That fandom is projecting, it’s her fans who don’t like how she behaves, but they don’t want to appear to be criticizing her and that’s why they use his name. That fandom is full of hypocrites. 


Ask gd leave tae alone 🙄

No name

I am not an army not a blink but didn’t hybe released the statement saying the photos were fabricated and all. Sorry I am not following up on that just what I read from some comments I read before. I may be wrong idk. But why does she need permission from him to do anything, even if she is dating him. Then also why??
Why do women need to have permission from men to do anything. Don’t men also go around clubs and all. We don’t see these types of comments then that the actress may think or worry about her husband being around some ladies. And if they are dating then if he don’t want to interfere in her stuffs of how she do it. I applaud him for it. For giving her space to breath and be herself. At the end of the day it’s their own personal matter.
If they aren’t dating these news and comments will only make things awkward between not only then but also their groups. Its proper that if the dating news is not confirmed. Don’t spread comments like these so casually. Their original partners may feel insecure and somehow fans will cause the rift between their lovelife.


you really think hybe would be like “oh the pics are real and they are dating”?? do you really think they would do that to their literal breadwinners??? they would obviously deny all their relationships.


Shut up hybe never said photos were fabricated, hybe only said it’s their artists private matter and they can’t confirm anything.


The op currently has 690 comments and less than 10 mention V. Was Jennie’s party antics not clickbait enough?


These Confucian can’t stand western culture 🤣


this site’s comments are crazy. people slut shaming jennie and they’re literally getting upvotes. why are these armys embarrasing the rest of the fandom?? literally leave the jennie & bts alone ya’ll dumbf*cks. i’m sure ya’ll are some other nugu group stans cosplaying as armys and setting them up. go to hell.

Teenaged puppy

So you paid no mind to the blinks shit talking Tae and went straight to defending that hag and badmouthing army? Seems like you’re the cosplayer here.

btasssss smelly

v rat doesn’t need help from mommy jennie anymore. he knows he’ll chew gum and get clout so does that in every bts content chomu saala türkiye

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