Netizens wonder what Red Velvet Yeri has changed

What has Red Velvet Yeri changed?

She looks so different

[+84, -110]

1. [+117, -10] It’s like when she was a kid, and when she’s an adult now, right?

2. [+62, -4] It’s a picture of her when she just debuted, so her face is different from her before, isn’t it natural? She was 17 years old then, and now she is 24 years old

3. [+58, -30] Double eyelid surgery + lip fillers

4. [+42, -1] Yeri’s eyebrow shape and makeup have changed. I think she likes American style makeup..

5. [+38, -6] This was her 4 hours ago. Kim Yerim is always cute and pretty

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