Netizens wonder where NewJeans Minji’s 90s actress vibes come from

Where do Minji’s ’90s actress vibes come from?

1. The bridge of the nose and the skin are not white

2. Lips, dark eyebrows?

3. Dark eyebrows and T-zone + egg-shaped face

4. The perfect nose of the actresses at that time

5. Double eyelid?

6. Nose?

7. Eyebrow shape..?

8. Face shape!

9. Personally, the last picture is Song Hye Kyo’s face when she was young

10. Long hair and eyes~~~

11. Thick lips and big black eyes

12. Eyebrows and eyes!

13. Skin color and nose

14. Skin color and straight black hair seem to play the most important role

15. Eyebrows and skin color

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