Netizens wonder why Aespa didn’t have a lot of activities this year

Aespa ended their activities with only 4 performances on music shows in 2022

Aespa celebrated their 2nd debut anniversary

Fans were all disappointed that they ended their activities after performing on music shows only 4 times with this year’s comeback song, Girls

Aespa’s album ‘Girls’ sold over 1 million copies in the first week. Even though they haven’t debuted in Japan yet, they got good results in Japan

Even though it’s the end of the year, fans are disappointed because there is still no information about their year-end stage

1. Wow seriously SM is too much

2. Aespa is good, so please give them more activities

3. I’m not a fan, but I like Aespa’s songs, and it’s a pity that they didn’t have a lot of activities this year

4. They’re rookies, why is SM treating them like that? Do they want to imitate BLACKPINK?

5. Too bad. I hope they perform more on music shows in the future

6. I’m a fan of other idol groups but I really hate SM’s plan

7. That’s right, I forgot about Aespa

8. 4th generation female idols are working hard, but what the hell is SM doing?

9. There’s a reason why SM is lagging behind

10. Is Aespa doing better in Japan than I thought?

11. Why do you guys keep mentioning BLACKPINK?

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They pull the Blackpink card but IVE surpassed them


I’ve are fake popularity


Let’s not lie just cuz.


SM saw bp success through that long hiatus method but blackpink is a special case, they have a dedicated zombie fans first of all


aespa is like the combo of YG + JYP girlgroup… barely promoting on music shows + not allowed to have solo brand/cf 😬 which is very weird, because they’re not like this before

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Can yall just stop mentioning blackpink? Are u not tired?


Truth hurts kiddo


It’s not a good idea to imitate the blackpink hiatus method. It doesn’t work, bp couldn’t even beat rookies this year.


Said bts fans who couldnt even beat rookies this year either, have some shame


You said it 5xgrammy nominated artist’s fan so you should have some shame


5X grammy nominees but still can’t beat rookies, there i fix it for u

Last edited 10 months ago by Guest

Rookies charted better than BTS in 1 out of 200+ countries and yall thought BTS has been beat? And right after they got 3 nominations from the most prestigious music award in the biggest music industry in the world? Be fr. Kpoppies are so funny lmao.




Its bc their comeback got delayed until 2023


its so obvious SM want them to be 2nd blackpink w the exclusive and sh*t things 🤣 they dance lousy and barely sing live as bonus, and their lyric is just fkin cringe and unrelatable. the worst group ever


Hoaam …..


if aespa rarely appears at this time:
fans are disappointed it’s only natural…
but if netizens a.k.a haters are disappointed, that’s just not normal.


they fell off.

they blew up with ‘next level’ overnight but they failed to release another hit song to cement their position. meanwhile, casual fans/listeners moved on to the next big thing(s) like newjeans, lsf and ive.


That’s so true I’m the living example of what you said

Kim Jong Un

you are too quick to conclude … we will see if by the second year ive, lsfm and “newkids” are still viral … then I appreciate it !!!
no one will know the future bro !!!

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