Netizens wonder why BLACKPINK and BTS didn’t attend the MMA

Why didn’t BLACKPINK and BTS attend the MMA??

I’m curious

1. BLACKPINK is on their tour

2. BLACKPINK isn’t in Korea

3. BTS is in their 10th year. You should gradually accept this

4. Because 3rd generation idols are still doing well, there are so many posts like this

5. This time, MMA has almost no 3rd generation idols?

6. BTS is currently doing individual activities, next week Hobi will come out on MAMA

7. How long has it been since BLACKPINK came out?

8. BLACKPINK is in the US

9. One thing makes me curious, didn’t BLACKPINK come back to Korea a few days ago..? Did they leave immediately?? Of course I know that BLACKPINK didn’t attend MMA because of their tour schedule, but I think they’re in Korea now

10. Didn’t BLACKPINK have time to prepare for the awards ceremony because of their tour?

11. BTS is doing individual activities

12. Isn’t BLACKPINK in Korea right now?

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