Netizens wonder why BLACKPINK Jisoo is so popular overseas

Why is Jisoo so popular overseas?

Westerners are crazy about BLACKPINK

[+22, -9]

1. [+17, -2] If Jisoo makes a solo debut, she’ll do well. If you look at the number of likes on videos like fancams, the core is definitely strong

2. [+7, -0] It’s good that so many people like her. Why do we need to know the reason?

3. [+4, -1] Did she get more love after ‘Snowdrop’?

4. [+3, -8] Lisa and Jisoo are not that popular

5. [+2, -0] She’s pretty and has a good body, and most of all, she’s always nice to her fans

6. [+1, -1] Jennie and Rosé are said to have the best core~

7. [+1, -13] Lisa >> Jennie > Rosé >> Jisoo

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And if i said go back to school then what?


with her face she could debut anywhere in Korea

yes hi

do guys think jisoo wants a solo? at the beginning of 2022 she said she wants one but a few months later the rolling stone interview she’s like idk anymore, I mean fans can’t force her to do something if she doesn’t want it but like it’s also sad she doesn’t have one while the other 3 has 3 singles so far


We wonder too


No one but blinks know them overseas. Stop the delusions.


delulu army on bp business 24/7 again

But I wasn’t done…

They right. If you line 20 random adults up and ask them who or what BP is in America they gonna say a gas station. Y’all need to realize your group is media play and nothing more in the west.


so that’s why thousands of people came to watch them in Coachella even of they had no idea about kpop🤠

Maple Puddin

No one came to see them but blinks. The rest were there for other acts


this is so not true, in my country most of the people know them even if they hate kpop


Well you’re probably not American because that’s not the case here. They only know them maybe at twink clubs


well the ss shows it’s trending at Dallas and they just had a concert in Dallas so it’s bound to happen that a member’s name is trending . Probably there are a lot of Jisoo stans there

because jisoo is a member of BP, as well as other members.
it would be different if they debuted not as a member of BP, I'm not sure they would be as famous as they are now.
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