Netizens wonder why BLACKPINK Jisoo is so popular overseas

Why is Jisoo so popular overseas?

Westerners are crazy about BLACKPINK

[+22, -9]

1. [+17, -2] If Jisoo makes a solo debut, she’ll do well. If you look at the number of likes on videos like fancams, the core is definitely strong

2. [+7, -0] It’s good that so many people like her. Why do we need to know the reason?

3. [+4, -1] Did she get more love after ‘Snowdrop’?

4. [+3, -8] Lisa and Jisoo are not that popular

5. [+2, -0] She’s pretty and has a good body, and most of all, she’s always nice to her fans

6. [+1, -1] Jennie and Rosé are said to have the best core~

7. [+1, -13] Lisa >> Jennie > Rosé >> Jisoo

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