Netizens wonder why BLACKPINK Rosé is getting prettier and prettier

Why is Rosé getting prettier and prettier…?

She’s so pretty… She looks prettier every time I see her

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1. Rosé is f*cking pretty

2. Rosé at the Paris concert

3. At first, I couldn’t tell the difference between Chaeryeong and Rosé

4. Rosé is my favorite female idol

5. She looks better in the video

6. Looking at her fancam thumbnail, she looks like her in those pictures

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Lisa not trans

They have plastic surgery & she have money


And so does 99% of the idols. sit down dumb Bitch


true but they look better than her


No one asked


40 upvotes and 27 downvotes, and OP thought this was worth posting 💀💀

damn… bp really are washed up

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washed up 🤣🤣 keep on dreaming girl

Hi, Im Guest

The dumb blonde among the mid (she loves being it btw) but jenie the cheapest


Stop projecting your insecurities armshit

Hi, Im Guest

Over a dumb blonde & cheap seoul cycle? Never 😌


Why don’t they talk about their vocals ,stages or any other things I don’t listen to bp , but it doesn’t feel like they’re having a tour it rather feels like a fashion show….


Who are they cause blinks are praising their performances everywhere its just you that rely on this bp anti site


Even on twitter a lot of blinks said that they don’t enjoy being in the fandom as much as b4 , no hate
I just saw some comments seemed like they are disappointed and expected more from bp after 2yrs hiatus….


Lmao literally where those are akges

Timothy Jones

Lol get out of your tiny cycle, big names in Paris fashion industry like bulgari CEO posted that he enjoyed their performance a lot but sure low-life kpopies knows better


Who do you think takes videos of their fails during the concert and post it on Twitter for haters to feast on? That’s right, blinks themselves


its our second fandom, they watched all of the pinks contents

Hi, Im Guest

But 1st, they need a main fandom bestie

Timothy Jones

Lol fails = still much better stage presence than other K-pop ggs


That’s a straight lie. Not even a gg stan but 4th gen been eating they asses up in stage presence


What else has this girl and her group done that’s worthy of a post? There’s nothing else to talk about except their weirdly proportioned little girl shaking her flat ass around in lingerie. Getting “designed outfits” made from the designers scrap boxes…… Nothing else comes to mind.
Gotta give it up to blinks for trying to keep these artists, no, influencers, no average people in the news, cuz you know YG’s not paying for it anymore.


worthy of a post but still got your attention🤣 cry harder bp girlies keep winning at the end of the day


Looks like you’re the one who’s crying working overtime to defend these girls. No ones going to care🤭

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Go ahead focus on your flop faves instead

btasssss smelly

preach ur shit

No name

Please post about their performances rather than just what brand they are wearing or how pretty they have become and all. These posts about them have become so consistent now that it just looks super duper boring. The excitement these posts first gave us has now vanished. More post about their performances and their idol work should be posted and not these. These have just became repetitive atp ngl. Yeah they are popular pretty and rich and are gba of famous luxury brands but what else. Always only these kinds of posts are seriously killing the vibe we first felt. It just feels regular and boring.


there’s nothing to post about them… they suck

Teenaged puppy

Jeremy got her glowing. Well as much as a side piece can glow


I’m not surprised anymore that they fawn over Jeremy whenever they go to America. It’s no doubt that she is nothing without money skdjdjjd

But I wasn’t done…


btasssss smelly

normally i don’t like to comment but roje will break her chin any moment, her vocal cords will break from all the shrilling dumb blinks call singing, will get swept away by any strong breeze & will deffo flop after bp disbands.

dumb stans doing this shit to get the knetz to like this ugly trans chinned squirrel


So you hate Blackpink and you hate BTS too. Which of the flops do you stan bruv? Tell us come on. Let us have a laugh lmaoooooooooooooooooooo


Tbh, if rose in other group, her visual wont get praise as much. Its because other 3 members always known for their visuals so somehow its eventually make people get brainwashed to think rose is a visual too. She did look the best with blonde n i can see very well why she wont let go being blonde. She seem insecure for getting back having black of other colour. Other color make her look very average. In begin again, rose look normal tbh.


gurl she had pink, purple and silver hair last year what are you on. Wake up


I am mainly talking about black. Its obvious she seem insecure having black hair. She keep on dyeing her hair to the point she may gonna go bald one day.


The hag already bald and fried. Only one not bald yet is Jisoo… but she has other problems 😭


Tryna force this billy goat to be a visual is hilarious. She’s a cheap visual hole


Meanwhile u stan 7 jumpscare LMAO


Not you coming for Bangtan when bp’s visual consists of four paralysis monsters.

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