Netizens wonder why BTS got Daesang at this year’s The Fact Music Awards

BTS got Daesang at The Fact Music Awards for 5 years in a row

1. Congratulations to BTS

2. Congratulations to my first and last idols

3. Daesang? What did they do this year..?

4. Did BTS make a comeback this year?

5. Congratulations to my idols, the best artists in the world

6. I didn’t even know that BTS released a song this year, but they got Daesang? I was sure that a group with hit songs like IVE or (G)I-DLE would get it

7. They released the best album this year and released new songs, their album sales are overwhelming

8. Their songs are not so interesting, so people may have questions

9. Daesang?? I disagree

10. If you sell over 3 million albums and hit the top of the music charts, then talk about it

11. Which album sold the most this year???? Isn’t it BTS album?

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