Netizens wonder why BTS got Daesang at this year’s The Fact Music Awards

BTS got Daesang at The Fact Music Awards for 5 years in a row

1. Congratulations to BTS

2. Congratulations to my first and last idols

3. Daesang? What did they do this year..?

4. Did BTS make a comeback this year?

5. Congratulations to my idols, the best artists in the world

6. I didn’t even know that BTS released a song this year, but they got Daesang? I was sure that a group with hit songs like IVE or (G)I-DLE would get it

7. They released the best album this year and released new songs, their album sales are overwhelming

8. Their songs are not so interesting, so people may have questions

9. Daesang?? I disagree

10. If you sell over 3 million albums and hit the top of the music charts, then talk about it

11. Which album sold the most this year???? Isn’t it BTS album?

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WhatsThe Point

Y’all are trying so hard to discredit them.


it’s nothing new


Well it makes sense, ytc is a flop ive/gidle deserved


Fracaso que fue #13 en bb hot 100, fracaso que debutó en spotify global con más de 7.17 M siendo de los más grandes debuts para una canción coreana, dominando itums y charts de manera global y teniendo más éxito que la mayoría del kpop

But I wasn’t done

Those songs wish they “flopped” like ytc.


here in the opinion of korean forums where they hate boys quit drugs and seek a life that nobody cares about your damn opinion

But I wasn’t done

Kpoppies always mad when the charts and numbers don’t match the lie they tell themselves about their faves


The numbers of tomboy/ love dive/ still life are better than ytc. So….


Was it a soty or aoty or aloty daesang ???


Que buena broma pero ni tu te la crees


it’s 2022 but you still can’t understand the difference of AOTY,SOTY,ALOTY.classic kpop stan behavier.
no one can be AOTY with one successful song when there are acts with better overall performance.

But I wasn’t done

I was gonna respond but they already beating yo ass. Tap out hoe


agree!!!! BTS is not worthy because their song is not viral in Korea and for the title track, you can say it’s normal. for album sales, nowadays fans buy in an unnatural way, each member’s fansite can buy up to hundreds of thousands of copies, of course this is not against the law,
but if someone asks whether “fair or not???”, of course it’s not fair because
in the korean chart their songs are not so high compared to “ive” and “new jeans” TFMA organizers are just afraid of the big name “BTS”
this is just my personal opinion. no hate!!!

Last edited 5 months ago by Bradly

the judges decide who to give a daesang to, no one put a bullet in their head. just because bts didn’t make a hit this year as usual it doesn’t give you the right to discreet them. your favs are getting their “daesangs” at the aaa awards/genie. relax anyway STAY MAD


Hybe paid the way wbk


Hybe no maneja a bts así que demás está eso, de paso no es solo por la canción, este año sacaron al segundo albúm más exitoso para cualquier acto de coreano (el primero siendo most 7) merecido se lo tiene bts

But I wasn’t done

YG for BP’s American album roll out

But I wasn’t done

Now that you got that off your chest… BTS still won. Cope.


cry about it 🤷


For an attendance award? Lmfao


Also bts ganando cuando ni asiste ni manda videos de agradecimiento, solo después agradeciendo al fandom en una de sus redes sociales xd


You are definitely crying


Go and watch vmas if you see an attendance award 💁


releasing a viral song doesn’t make you artist of the year.that’s song of the year dumbass & that’s too,chosen based on numbers(that i guess is tomboy) not how u think it deserves.God kpop stans are too dumb.numbers speak here & numbers say BTS had the best overall digital performance as a group(as an act they’re third after LYW & IU) and the best physical performance this year.the only act in the top3 of both’s not our fault you decided to brainwash yourselves with the embarrassing lie that BTS flopped this’s 2022 but seems you’re still in 2016 so can make a petition & send it to blue house if u have complain 🙂


You guys saying BTS flopped this year. Don’t say anything to bts before your sales and streams match. Bts deserve every daesang this year. Their opinion doesn’t change the fact☺️


Their songs flop hard in chart, yes sales is high because fans will still buy fart songs anyway. But i dont think they deserve daesang. It should be gidle or ive

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