Netizens wonder why BTS only considers TXT as their only hoobae group

BTS really thinks only TXT is their hoobae group

I don’t see them mentioning other HYBE singers

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1. [+153, -1] Isn’t that normal..? In the beginning, only BTS and TXT were groups in the same agency

2. [+92, -0] Of course, for real, BTS’ only hoobae in the same agency is TXT..

3. [+70, -1] In Big Hit, TXT is BTS’ only hoobae

4. [+23, -0] Because the only hoobae in the same company is TXT

5. [+21, -0] Only TXT and Lee Hyun are in the same company as BTS, the other idols are under different labels

6. [+18, -0] Lee Hyun, BTS, TXT, they’re a family

7. [+12, -0] Of course, their only hoobae under Big Hit is TXT…

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the tannies have mentioned enhypen before, but I think only once?


And even then, it was only because TXT were performing with them… they only ever mentioned ENHYPEN when they were guesting on ILAND. Some ARMY make fun of ENGENES and say that BTS were ‘forced’ but I think they personally wanted to go. And JHOPE knew about NI-KI! JHOPE is a NI-KI fan. I think they should talk about ENHYPEN more…. Otherwise it seems a bit.. shady for them to join ILAND and talk about the trainees then completely ignore them afterwards… I also know a lot of ENGENES are ARMYS.. So I don’t know why the fans can’t accept it.


Cinia, do me a favor and shut the fnck up.


They have mentioned enhypen too in their vlive. But TXT are pretty much their only juniors under bighit technically


This is the dumbest question asked. Bts, txt & Lee Hyun are the only 3 groups/artist under bighit music while everyone else are just considered labelmates under hype (parent company). You don’t see infinite calling exo hoobaes when sm ent acquired woolim ent or sj, boa, etc calling infinite hoobaes. They’re still their own labels under a parent company.

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This is such a dumb question to ask


Is “Trainee A” gonna be under BHM? if so, the direct senior-junior will be Lee Hyun › BTS › TXT › Trainee A




FYI Trainee A’s group name is “Aloners Association” lmao… not looking forward to that group tbh. x__x I can already tell their fandom is gonna be a bunch of nasty bullies from how they already act


Really? I have only seen their fans get bullied by MOAs mostly, but also ARMY and Gg Stans too. They’re pretty tolerant and usually mind their business every time I see them, except when they’re getting harassed. Which is often.
I don’t know what the group has to do with the fans tho. Like – if that was the case no one was gonna have fans because fandoms are insufferable nowadays,


MOA was only returning the hate they were getting from Trainee A fans because they kept dragging Yeonjun into their fanwar unprovoked


so jisoo the bully was snsd’s hoobae? & billie is rv/ aespa’s ngg? jeon hyunmoo is exo’s sonbae?

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Probably because txt were trainees before bts got this big , from what I remember txt even trained in that old bighit building so


Doesn’t matter. Enhypen joined them in 2017… Why are they not considering them their juniors too? I know some ARMY who mention Yeonjun has been in BIGHIT since 2014 but how do they know that exactly? Did he mention it? And why is it important if TXT were there for so long? Enhypen are here NOW… They should be getting treated the same too.


Oh my god🤦‍♀️
Enhyphen isn’t part of Bighit, they are under Belift. There’s only TXT, BTS, and Lee hyun (+trainee a) in Bighit. Plus I think only 3 members(?) were trainees in Bighit.


stfu sinia


Yeonjun joined cube ent in first half 2014, then the end of 2014, 2 staffs from bighit ask him to join bighit, you can search it by yourself, some moa’s twt already explained it, some of them explain the source too.
there is a video of yeonjun dancing in the bighit first building ‘the practice room that has bighit’s name as the background’ , but the video was uploaded by a sasaeng who probably took cloud data without permission

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Lee hyun, Bts and txt are real siblings. And trainee A coming soon. While the rest are like cousins

its me g

it’s because just txt are their hoobaes

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