Netizens wonder why Kai is enlisting in public service

Why is Kai enlisting in public service?


1. Because he has a herniated disc?

2. You may only see him dancing strongly on stage, but there are many times when he can’t perform on stage due to injury

3. Because his waist isn’t good

4. Should he stop dancing?

5. Didn’t he do a huge surgery for his waist? Even as a fan of another group I remember

6. Why do you want to know about the reason he will enlist in public service?

7. He’s had a herniated disc since his debut. Former member Lay talked about it in an interview

8. Didn’t he do waist surgery?

9. Kai’s waist is so bad ㅠㅠㅠ When he dances, his hands are even shaking

10. I remember he talked about it once on Radio Star. Looks like his waist is so bad

11. His waist is so bad, he has a herniated disc in his neck and he has some ankle injuries

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