Netizens wonder why Karina is getting prettier after seeing her today

Karina was super pretty today

So pretty ㅠㅠ

1. I’m really speechless every time I see Karina… She’s so pretty

2. She looks so soft… F*cking pretty

3. Wow, but are those really pictures that haven’t been photoshopped? She’s so pretty

4. She looks like a doll

5. She looks like a pretty college sunbae

6. No, why is she so pretty????????

7. Wow, she’s getting prettier and prettier

8. Wow she looks like Irene in the first picture

9. Yoo Jimin sunbae…

10. She’s just a Barbie doll

11. Her aura has changed, she looks pretty and innocent

12. She looks prettier

13. Her face is so small and her eyes are so big

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