Netizens wonder why men like Big Bang so much

But why do men like Big Bang so much?

No, I neither hate nor like them. But just look at the comments on Instagram and YouTube, there are a lot of comments by men who seem to like them… Why do men like Big Bang so much?

[+263, -46]

1. [+215, -44] I think it’s because Big Bang’s image perfectly matches the image that men want themselves to be.. I think it’s because they’re doing what men consider great

2. [+193, -71] Good songs + GD is so talented and has a big influence

3. [+164, -79] There are a lot of girls who are jealous belowㅋㅋ There are even a lot of handsome celebrities who like Big Bang, are you feeling self-deprecating because your idols are not picked by men?

4. [+130, -106] Is it because they are ugly and they have realistic appearances? If you say it in a good way, their appearance looks friendly

5. [+118, -59] They are short and ugly, but they are famous, it is the hope of men

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