Netizens wonder why NewJeans didn’t win Artist of the Year – Digital Music at 12th Circle Chart Music Awards

12 teams that won Artist of the Year – Digital Music of 12th Circle Chart Music Awards

December – IVE ‘ELEVEN’
January – Kep1er ‘WA DA DA’
February – Taeyeon ‘INVU’
March – (G)I-DLE ‘TOMBOY’
June – BTS ‘Yet to come’
July – aespa ‘Girls’
August – BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom’
September – BLACKPINK ‘Shut Down’
November – ITZY ‘Cheshire’

1. Hul, why isn’t NewJeans there?

2. NewJeans overlaps with BLACKPINK

3. Kingtan, they’re the only boy group

4. Why isn’t NewJeans there? Everyone thought that NewJeans would be there

5. Where is NewJeans?

6. Wow, IVE and LE SSERAFIM have 2 songsㅋ

7. BTS is the only boy group among female idols

8. BLACKPINK is amazing

9. I don’t understand why NewJeans isn’t there

10. Wow, they’re all idols

11. BLACKPINK is seriously cool

12. Congratulations to Aespa

13. Where is NewJeans? I thought they would be there

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Bundlepink buying awards as usual. They couldn’t beat rookies in music shows but win artist of the year? lol


they can’t even make a speech, what makes you think they will buy awards? even yg doesn’t care about them pls 😭😭😭


Hoes mad at least use your nut brain to read the winning criteria dmbfck


That’s BTS. They bought the award. Everyone knows Nayeon’s POP should be the winner instead of Yet To Flop


nj fans talking without receipt as usual. Read the rule and criteria.


You sound so stupid! blackpink with higher stream for 30 days counting lol. If you dont know how circle chart work better shut up.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ter

Next year they’ll win tho. Their debut overlapped w bp but their comeback was unrivaled theyll win for december and jan i bet. And if they have another comeback they’ll win a few more


mmm I think ccma is putting global streams or something in their criteria this year , 30% I think ? so yeah that’s why bp won over newjeans but newjeans probably gonna win this category at next year’s ccma for both december and january which is for ditto and omg.

don’t stan either both these groups but since I’m usually into charts stuffs and follow some kcharts accounts, that’s why I know


NewJeans have more streams than bp tho


Source; trust me


they only counted in those two months so in August 2022 and September 2022, shut down and pink venom is the most streamed kpop songs on Spotify in those two months respectively




They’re using the global chart that’s why Pink Venom won against New Jeans songs and Ive. If they used the old chart, Ive will gonna win AOTY for August and still not New Jeans


yep I know, I forgot to mention that even if bp did not win in august, ive would be taking it

John. Xina

Army here pretending the only reason they didn’t win for Yet To Chart wasn’t them changing the rules lol.


There is not even a single army here who wrote what you said. Stop fooling yourself. BTS continues to receive awards even during their solo era. If award shows doesn’t give awards despite BTS’ charts and success, it means they sabotaged BTS. Why does it make you angry when armys say that? You are obviously very afraid of seeing BTS successful.


idk what you mean like do you want to say ytc didn’t win ?

cause they won in June as stated above and it’s because ytc did well in kcharts and globally too than other songs that were released in that month like sure there were songs that did better digitally on kcharts than ytc at that same month but they didn’t do that well globally and ytc did well in both sides so yeah


mmm not sure why the downvotes tho and I’m assuming it’s blinks or onces that mass downvoting it but bts is also the same case as blackpink , if not for global charts, Nayeon would be winning in June and IVE would be winning in August.

Like idk guys put your hatred towards a group for one second and think I guess 😭


Nayeon deserves

Fir is stupid af

Look at you token stanning someone you don’t stan just to stick it to armys lmao


what rules? 😂
ytc won & you can keep crying about it


How tf itzy win there 😂, isn’t this digital?


yeah I wonder why too cause I remember itzy’s cheshire on kcharts were not doing that good but maybe their competitors that month were weak ? anyone knows who they were against with that month ?


Congratulation “Yet To Come” by @BTS_twt for winning “ARTIST OF THE YEAR – GLOBAL DIGITAL (JUN)” at the 12th Circle Chart Music Awards!

🏆 2020
ON (Feb)
Dynamite (Aug)
Life Goes On (Nov)

🏆 2021
Butter (May)
Permission to Dance (Jul)
My Universe (Sep)

🏆 2022
Yet To Come (Jun)


Congratulation “Proof” by @BTS_twt for winning “ARTIST OF THE YEAR – PHYSICAL (3Q)” at the 12th CCMA!

🏆2016 Wings (4Q)
🏆2017 YNWA (1Q) LY: Her (3Q)
🏆2018 LY: Tear (2Q) LY: Answer (3Q)
🏆2019 MOTS: Persona (2Q)
🏆2020 MOTS: 7 (1Q) BE (4Q)
🏆2021 Butter (3Q)
🏆2022 Proof (3Q)


@BTS_twt wins at the 12th Circle Chart Music Awards:

🏆 AOTY Digital Music (June) — Yet To Come
🏆 Retail Album of the Year — Proof
🏆 AOTY Physical Album (3Q) — Proof
🏆 Social Hot Star of the Year
🏆 idolplus Global Artist

BTS was the most awarded artist of the night with 5 awards 🔥🔥


Armys pretending here 💀 be thankful tobthe new criteria Yet to flop won, if it had been for the old criteria nayeon would have won

Invierno is a dumb blink

Why tf would we be thankful lmao. Most ARMYs don’t even know about this award lol. And btw, Yet to Flop still did better than your flop favs.


faking dementia


nayeon? 😂😂😂😂
yeah sure…..


yes clown, previously the criteria were only korean digital and nayeon ended ytc


But fr newjeans should won august, theyve been on top the whole month


Do you even know how circle chart works ?


New Jeans will definitely get January with omg and maybe December with ditto so I think its okay. Blackpink are Blackpink they are the most famous kpop gg what do you all expect.


The most famous kpop gg is Twice. BP is nothing but mediaplay.


Try harder maybe the whole world will believe you.


Not blinks camping here mass downvoting 😭😭


Onces too. They are mass liking Blinks comments about Yet To Flop that robbed Pop.


They dont have global impact.

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