Netizens wonder why SM has only debuted 9 female idols in the past 10 years

Wow, I didn’t know that SM’s only active girl groups are Aespa and Red Velvet

Only 9 female idols who debuted in the past 10 yearsㅋㅋㅋ

The debut rate of female idols is really bad……..

1. There’s SNSD too

2. Even when Seulgi was a trainee, all the female trainees except Irene left and it took longer to form a group, and trainees like Lami and Goeun also left the company ㅠㅠ

3. Don’t you know how SM treats their trainees? Only 9 idols who debuted in the past 10 years, SM is so cruel

4. But wouldn’t it be better if there were only two groups promoting under the same company? Of course, they all have few members ㅠㅠ

5. 9 people in 10 years… It’s extremely bad

6. Where is Soshi?

7. It’s hard to debut under SM

8. I wonder why the trainees left SM?

9. Just look at YG

10. But don’t you think this is good?

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Boy Groups still have more loyal fans no matter now nugu or generic they come out. Girl Groups have an easier time w/ public recognition and charts but their careers are way more fragile regarding scandals. I figure that has to play into why the ratio is the way it is.

Also, it seems like they threw away a bunch of female trainees that grew up under SM bc they probs didn’t age the way they were expecting… and SM seems like the company to debut idols as a favor to their families or with financial encouragement.


Red velvet is doing well with both although Irene scandal happened plus joy’s dating news. Seems like the gp still listen to them and their sales rise compare to their previous ones. Sm girl groups will have longevity only if sm invest in them give them comebacks at least one or twice a year.


9. Just look at YG

Gangnam Beauty

you think debuting a GG is as easy as turning your palm???
need a lot of money even if it is a rich company !!!
There must be a balance between income and expenses.
this is business bro!!!

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