Netizens wonder why SM releases so many remake songs

Why does SM release so many remake songs?

I’m curious

1. Because there are so many hit songs from SM…

2. They have a lot of good songsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Looks like it’s because there are many singers

4. Because the company has hit songs for each generation

5. Because they have a lot of hit songs..

6. All their songs are good and they did so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Because it’s a relatively safe path

8. But from the 1st generation to now, isn’t SM the only company that has succeeded?

9. Because they don’t have enough songs for their singers

10. Idols do well with remake songs

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that’s because they lack originality right now. too many groups and subs and not many new fresh sound that not sounding like noise.
So they recycle their old songs to get back that glory.

SM has the right to all the songs, and the OG artists get none.
I wouldn’t be proud of that kind of legacy, the slave contract legacy


Lack originality? Isn’t SM the first one to try out and always come up with new concept?? SM is the only company that got hits and hits before we were even born so what’s wrong with doing remakes that could potentially attract more fans and get them to know the OG as well?? your lack in sense of anticipation is what gatekeeping you from enjoying and appreciate the effort..


SM is so original, they started the slave contracts in kpop. Real imaginative.


I stan DBSK. I know how sm works. they were new in 1998 and they being redundant after that. what’s the point in trying new concepts when it flopped hard ?
SM biggest glory is their first generation HOT, Shinhwa and SES. it has been on the down trajectory after that.
They use all the dirty play in the book to make their groups look bigger than they are. some work out and some flopped bad.
Why should I anticipate a song that is very wellknown and popular everywhere in south korea being sang by their newest groups just so that those groups can grab some new fans ? been there done that. not impressed.


SM’s old songs are so good but idk now they sound so noisy so doing remake is a good job


They’ve proven that nostalgia sells, so why risk releasing awful new songs when there’s a whole audience that doesn’t know the idols’ songs from the ’90s?

Park Ji-Sung

it’s up to SM… he’s entitled to his company. while who are you to comment like that??? between there and not. there is sound but no picture !!! LOL


because they can’t produce good songs anymore…


Lack of innovation

spicy spice

u can’t expect something new from them if that yoo youngjin man is still there.




He try to transfer older group fans and SM stan into support newer group like NCT48 and Aespa 🤣

Hi, Im Guest

Comment no 10 nailed it. Their groups especially their bgs barely charts with their non remake songs, so they need to use their already established & success 1st gen songs to chart their new gen groups, desperately

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