Netizens wonder why V and Jennie’s schedules always overlap every time V goes abroad

Didn’t V go to Paris? Jennie also went to Paris

The other day, they overlapped in New York, and I know they went there because of their schedules, but surprisingly they overlap every time V goes abroadㅋㅋ

1. I also went to Paris, so what?

2. Because they’re dating

3. Seriously, the haters are even more obsessed with them than the fans..

4. He must’ve done it on purpose, everyone knows they’re dating anyway

5. If so then they can meet in Korea anyway, it’s because of their schedules..

6. Isn’t Jennie more overseas than in Korea?

7. I think that the BTS and BLACKPINK haters are really psychopaths, their lives are pitiful

8. The haters are mentally ill… Jennie is busy, V not only attended the photoshoot but also the event organized by Celine, why did V tell Celine when to hold an event for their brand?

9. Stop typing on the keyboard in the corner of the room

10. So what?

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