Netizens wonder why YG didn’t deny the dating rumors of BLACKPINK Rosé and Kang Dong Won in their statement

16-year age gap between BLACKPINK Rosé and Kang Dong Won ‘dating rumors’… Agency “It’s a private issue” [Official]

YG Entertainment, “It is difficult to confirm the rumors because it is a private issue pertaining to our artists.”

1. Hul, this seems to be true

2. There are dating rumors…?

3. Hul? Why don’t they deny it?

4. An unexpected combination

5. They didn’t deny it, I got goosebumps

6. All the reporters will cling to Rosé from now on, this is annoying

7. But why are you guys disappointed? Is it because the age gap is big?

8. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors

9. Wow, they really seem to be dating

10. The age gap is too big

11. I didn’t believe it because it was a rumor, but it seems to be true because they didn’t deny it

12. YG… Why didn’t you deny it?

13. Wow.. Maybe it’s because of Kang Dong Won, but I don’t feel strange even though the age gap is big

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