Netizens wonder why YG didn’t deny the dating rumors of BLACKPINK Rosé and Kang Dong Won in their statement

16-year age gap between BLACKPINK Rosé and Kang Dong Won ‘dating rumors’… Agency “It’s a private issue” [Official]

YG Entertainment, “It is difficult to confirm the rumors because it is a private issue pertaining to our artists.”

1. Hul, this seems to be true

2. There are dating rumors…?

3. Hul? Why don’t they deny it?

4. An unexpected combination

5. They didn’t deny it, I got goosebumps

6. All the reporters will cling to Rosé from now on, this is annoying

7. But why are you guys disappointed? Is it because the age gap is big?

8. I didn’t even know there were dating rumors

9. Wow, they really seem to be dating

10. The age gap is too big

11. I didn’t believe it because it was a rumor, but it seems to be true because they didn’t deny it

12. YG… Why didn’t you deny it?

13. Wow.. Maybe it’s because of Kang Dong Won, but I don’t feel strange even though the age gap is big

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Ladyboy lisa

Jeremy rn: 😡😡😡


Jeremy is a gay

Ladyboy lisa

Doesn’t mean he won’t fk her 😅




Jermey is a gay man. If anything he’s forking Taeflop not rosie or jennie


Her = v

Ladyboy lisa

Are they using this rumours to cover up snort activities 😅


YG has denied before like jisoo n song heung min. If they not denying it, its usually true.

Teenaged puppy

Two uglies

No way

See this is what I said before. If you’all follow their sasaeng on twitter prolly will find something interesting even her sister is suspicious


What’s the account?


It looks like Rose sexual preference is old ugly men 😂


kang dongwon is known to be handsome tho


Who care abt his past look lol. He age badly. Look at his peer like wonbin. Thats what we call handsome..not this. At the end, shes dating an ugly old guy. Her taste is same as Leonardo dicaprio ex girlfriend lol. Her fans are trying to link her with jaehyun, jk, etc but shes end up with this guy lol


Agree he doesn’t aging so well. Like look at him now he’s just old looks like her father. Idk if half of bp’s member are have daddies issue




it’s true she follows his fanpage account on her private insta we know it’s her because her sister and some yg staffs follow the account


Tae is relevant that you think abt him first lol. Keep crying that your flop fav will end up marry ugly old man in future. Roselazy girl is already secure this guy lol


Acting like Vflop won’t end up being some rich guys armcandy once he realises that his music career is a flop


stop projecting ur own miserable life on tae


something about old men dating young women is very gross…


This man had literally invited that pretty lil twinki Flophyung as his date for MET last year and again for his movie premiere. And that boy was clinging on to this man. So I think Kang × V

Color color stan

Lol blinkpink you look desperate to get your girlie off the hook but it seems there’s so much evidence your girlie is into old hags. maybe they’ll stay together a long time, you know what they say, a couple that snort together…


not you losing your mind over chinsé dating this hag 😭😭 CRY MORE

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