Netizens talk about Jungkook, ARMYs and HYBE’s involvement in FIFA worldcup in Qatar

The upcoming FIFA worldcup, that is to be held in Qatar, is gathering more attention for all the negative reasons. Starting from exploitation and death of over 6,500 migration workers to threats to LGBTQ+ lives, the blatant human right violation is being reported from every corner of the world.

Famous artists are scheduled to perform at the opening ceremony of the event which is coming together on the graves of thousands of people, has become a topic of discussion. Specially after Dua Lipa came forward to clear the rumours of her performing at the event.

HYBE and BTS are known for talking about human rights and several topics relating to humanity. It came as a huge surprise when Jungkook’s first solo platform was chosen to be a place where a blatant human rights violation is observed.

Netizens are wondering about double standards of the fans of the band who are known for raising their voices for human rights, are also defending the involvement of the idol.

A journalist pointed out how David Beckham and some other celebrities are getting backlash from Knetz but jungkook is getting praised for the same.

Fans even resorted to calling out Dua Lipa for withdrawing and covering up for Jungkook.

Although a large section of fandom is covering up for the maknae of BTS, several armys came forward to express their withdrawal of support for the event and idol restricting to the event and were attacked.

The major collective concern of people is association with the homophobic ideology and the worldcup event, not the country itself.

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this is like riyadh 2.0 situation all over again , how about we settle for one , if you want to boycott it, then go ahead and if you want to watch it, then watch


like most of these popular brands do animal testing and you guys still eating them up, still praising these artists being their ambassadors like do you guys even watch the documentaries on how makeups are made and one of the ingredients literally being took by kids from underveloped regions of a country since that ingredient is very deep into the ground and you need to be a small person to go into that hole to get it


Yeah, basically this. Boycott or watch, I’ve seen ppl give valid reasons for doing one or the other.

Personally, I just think the focus on these kinds of issues should be directed to those in charge of them if one has true concerns abt them.


and where in my sentence that I said or make it sound like it’s a kpop fanwar issue again ? at the end of the day , this kind of discourse is pointless among kpop fans cause only here people get their hatred for certain groups blinding them that they can’t form a genuine opinion


thought I would be seeing comments from knetizens but from Twitter …. stan twitter at that too 😧


You can go to many other communities beside kpop and it’ll be similar reactions


what like reddit where it’s basically just like twitter for grown up adults that does not use words like flops , slay

JK 💙

keep up with all these performative activism energy while JK’s still gonna ate his solo stage 🤭


Jk💜he is so unique ☺️ luv u jk


it’s just strange because people will nearly always boycott things in the name of human rights, but only when it comes to the middle east… but they ignore events happening in the US because…why? it’s rich and powerful? because it claims to be more progressive? because it has what you like? people have no problem with big events in “developed” countries, but what about children locked up at the American border, or the thousands of refugees pushed away in various European countries, or migrant workers being paid abysmally /everywhere/, or innocent children in countries around the world repeatedly “accidentally” nuked by American drones, or the political and social discrimination against brown people and refugees in east asia, or china pouring millions in the world’s poorest countries only to exploit their workers in dangerous circumstances, steal their natural resources, and screw them over… of course exploiting workers is terrible, of course it’s unethical, and of course it’s wrong. but if you think it happens “extra bad” in the middle east then you’ve been living with your eyes closed.


Go talk about about who’s the prettiest idol and leave bts alone that had enough , acting as you are angle who cares about human rights when you don’t know anything y’all just believe anything American say when america is the worst !!!!

Stay away from bangtan

Fun fact: south asians in qatar are more than QATARIES themselves and they are working every where not in construction , just because they d!ed it doesn’t mean that it was due to the world cup it’s simply just the life cycle


lol KPOPINSIDER is a feeling wannabe journalist


They joined yesterday just to write this post lol their bitterness is showing lmao


Of course this is another one of those bitter “user created post” lol gtfo here with that performance activism.

No one is excusing the human rights violations but this is clearly another Riyadh 2.0

In a few months or years, kpop idols and kpop events will be held there just like in riyadh and all that performance activism and criticism reserved towards bts won’t be directed towards other kpop idols just like it is now.


I think a lot of people in kpop spaces do not have the nuance to talk about this critically. Every take I’ve seen has been poor at best


Dua lipa had a concert in Dubai(known as against lgbtq and human rights), in Paris(known as Islamophobic issues) now she is talking about human rights or lgbtq… This is really disgusting. If you think she is right any of artist shouldn’t do concert in us because of the country is racist. Don’t be dumb. World Cup’s place is not up to jungkook.


that journalist always hunting BTS. Join twitter space with other journalists just to hate bts when bts went to white house. U should bring these violation human right to UN or whatever responsible agencies, not for Jungkook, bighit or hybe to take responsibility. If u don’t like, don’t watch or support. As simple as that.


Now it turns out that Jungkook is some kind of messiah who must solve all the world’s problems. It is FIFA’s fault that the World Cup is being held in that horrible country. 

WhatsThe Point

Tweets from accs with red scarf, if u go check their accs some of them mention human rights, Qatar for the first time.
Keep away from y’all’s performative activisim, if y’all really cared y’all would condemn the football players and everyone else involved in that thing but this outrage comes out only when BTS is involved 🤷‍♀️


None of these idols like DUA LIPA care about human rights except when it might make them look good. Lol. Dua Lipa should shut up and stick to music.

If you criticize the event, be educated about things and the country and the religion, do it properly and criticize everyone involved. The football players, the politicians whoever paid for the stadium to be built. Artists pretending they care when they’re double minded. Bad is everywhere. Fix your home first then worry about someone else’s home.

Not just BTS when they do something.

Separate music from politics. The end.


Well, I never interested in football anyway let alone watching it’s opening ceremony. Just bcs JK perform at the opening ceremony, you think I will tune in? Of course I damn will! And left after I watch him perform 😋

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