Netizens talk about Jungkook, ARMYs and HYBE’s involvement in FIFA worldcup in Qatar

The upcoming FIFA worldcup, that is to be held in Qatar, is gathering more attention for all the negative reasons. Starting from exploitation and death of over 6,500 migration workers to threats to LGBTQ+ lives, the blatant human right violation is being reported from every corner of the world.

Famous artists are scheduled to perform at the opening ceremony of the event which is coming together on the graves of thousands of people, has become a topic of discussion. Specially after Dua Lipa came forward to clear the rumours of her performing at the event.

HYBE and BTS are known for talking about human rights and several topics relating to humanity. It came as a huge surprise when Jungkook’s first solo platform was chosen to be a place where a blatant human rights violation is observed.

Netizens are wondering about double standards of the fans of the band who are known for raising their voices for human rights, are also defending the involvement of the idol.

A journalist pointed out how David Beckham and some other celebrities are getting backlash from Knetz but jungkook is getting praised for the same.

Fans even resorted to calling out Dua Lipa for withdrawing and covering up for Jungkook.

Although a large section of fandom is covering up for the maknae of BTS, several armys came forward to express their withdrawal of support for the event and idol restricting to the event and were attacked.

The major collective concern of people is association with the homophobic ideology and the worldcup event, not the country itself.