NewJeans Danielle looks like a professional model in the photos and videos for ‘Vogue’ Burberry

NewJeans Danielle ‘Vogue’ Burberry photos, videos

1. So pretty

2. She’s crazy

3. Wow, it suits her so well, awesome

4. She looks like a professional model

5. Wow crazy, her expressions and proportions are amazing

6. Daebak, she looks like a professional model, so pretty

7. Isn’t she a model…?

8. Wow… Her vibes are crazy

9. Wow she looks like a Burberry model

10. She’s so pretty and her eyes are so charming

11. So pretty ㅠㅠ Danielle’s eyes are a treasure

12. Wow, she looks like a real model, she’s perfect for Burberry

13. Danielle seems to use her body so well

14. She looks like a model, her face is small and she’s thin, I envy her body

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