NewJeans Danielle seems to be getting good reactions with her styling this time

1. She’s a hot girl!!!

2. I gasped because she was so pretty when I watched the MV

3. She’ll be prettier when she grows up

4. She’s so pretty that I even searched her fancam

5. She looks like a game character

6. She really looks like a doll

7. She has a small face and small waist, she’s so pretty

8. It’s just a doll

9. She’s so pretty, the ponytail really suits her

10. As soon as Danielle appeared in the MV, I gasped

11. Why is she so pretty, princess?

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those ears… lol


Can we all agree that she doesn’t suit a crop top combined with a mini skirt.
Her torso is too long for that combination

Lisa, Transgender Queen

Yes, totally agree. Her and Sakura have the worst body proportions I’ve ever seen. They are like dachshunds.

Lisa, Transgender Queen

I bet all their fanboys are loving the fancams of them wearing fetish cheerleader outfits. The fanboys and MHJ are so disgusting.

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