NewJeans Danielle ‘The Little Mermaid’ OST got responses that are better than expected

Looking at the comments, the responses in Korea and abroad seem good, and the topic is growing

There seems to be a lot of talk about keeping Ariel’s fresh at the age of 16.. Danielle is also in her teens

1. Her voice is beautiful, but her pronunciation is a bit disappointing

2. Wow, I thought her singing skills were bad, but maybe because she’s an idol? She sings better than I thought

3. Honestly, I can understand the lyrics..? Instead, there’s a bit of a fuss about her pronunciation, but Danielle and The Little Mermaid really go well together.. Her voice is so beautiful

4. Her voice is so good

5. I don’t know…. Her pronunciation is so bad and it’s like a foreigner singing in Korean

6. I really understand why Disney chose her, she suits it so well

7. No, she’s so pretty, she looks like a real princess

8. Honestly, I don’t know if she sings well or not

9. The acting expression is good, the video is beautiful and the voice is also beautiful, I was surprised that she did so well

10. Is she good at acting too?

11. I can understand why Disney chose her, her voice is so good and it suits The Little Mermaid OST so well

12. I don’t understand why she got so much criticism in the first place

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What Korea thinks about the Little Mermaid doesn’t matter outside of that racist country

doo doo face

takes one to know one


good responses… you mean her uncle fans?


Are they brainwashing others?? I wonder if she wasn’t from Nj, and wasn’t pretty would they praise her?

Last edited 6 months ago by Lmao

Mediaplay? Talk singer sounding mid. Danielle is the only singer who wants to steal ursula’s voice, not the other way around.

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