NewJeans Danielle was selected for the Korean version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ through an audition

NewJeans Danielle, selected for the Korean version of ‘The Little Mermaid’… selected through an audition

Danielle auditioned for the role of Ariel at Disney Headquarters and says she practiced and prepared for her audition

She is said to have gotten a good response from everyone involved

1. Is it true that the Koreans judged the audition? She can’t even pronounce Korean properly, I really wonder how she was chosen

2. She can’t pronounce Korean. How did you pass the audition?

3. I will not watch the dub version, I will only watch the original version

4. I feel sorry for the people who went to the audition

5. At this point, I think Disney is aiming for noisy marketing

6. Danielle is just doing her best with the opportunity given to her, why are there so many negative comments?

7. Who are the candidates and who are the judges?

8. If it’s an audition, who are the other candidates????

9. Did they choose her just because she’s NewJeans Danielle?

10. Who are the judges of the audition?

11. Looks like there are no Koreans among the judges of the audition

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