NewJeans Danielle, who voices Ariel in The Little Mermaid Korean version

Singing + acting

1. If you’re going to use an idol and not a professional voice actors, you should at least use someone who sings well..

2. There are a lot of good voice actors… what the hell…?

3. I like NewJeans, but please use a professional voice actor..

4. Isn’t Danielle a foreigner??? Does she speak Korean well?

5. Korean version? Danielle’s Korean pronunciation is still not good but her voice is so good

6. Her voice is so good, but her pronunciation is clumsy when she speaks

7. Honestly, I don’t really care… NewJeans is really hot

8. There are members in the same group who pronounce Korean better, why her?

9. What’s even more funny is that Disney allows this

10. NewJeans is young, but her voice sounds more mature than her face

11. Looking at the trailer, I think it will be interesting, so I’m looking forward to it

12. Didn’t Disney say that they are very careful in casting voice actors and singers for each country?

13. I really like Danielle, but her Korean pronunciation is not good

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I like hanni’s voice more when she sings in Korean; she also has good pronunciation. On the other hand, for english songs, danielle’s voice suits it better.


Hanni has been speaking korean for not a long time at all. Danielle has been speaking it all her life and is actually korean unlike hanni.


I know. But hanni has better pronunciation than danielle for me


Paid the way


Ador never fail to show they paid the way. Even not paid, i know they use hybe connection as disney has deal with BTS. Her vocal not suit with the song. She lack of that matureness that halle bailey has. Lets be honest, newjeans never has that powerful vocal so i really dont get why they pushing newjeans doing disney song now. They should have scouting better idol singer. Someone like wendy.


Ariel isnt supposed to mature. Looks like Danielle will fit Ariel better than Halle lol.


I mean for experienced vocal. Danielle singing still feel bland due to lack of experience.

Berry Island

Her voice is good. Her face is already princess as well.


no shade but the payola is getting ridiculous. while other groups have to give 100% to gain fans, earn their success and make a name for themselves… they get everything handed to them

WhatsThe Point

Hybe and ador are using all their Disney connections thanks to BTS on newjeans..


Ya’ll don’t even get it. If this was a cartoon version I’d be 100% hyped for Danielle but it isn’t. It’s Halle Bailey acting/visuals with Danielle’s voice over and I’m sorry it doesn’t match up at all. Disney Korea basically saying they decided to go with K-pop idol popularity > right “fit”. The goddam amount of hate and racism Halle Bailey received for being cast in this role was insane. She literally spoke about it and the negative affect it had on her. And then they cast a popular K-pop idol to voice over Halle Bailey? Danielle’s voice does not have the same distinct tone that a POC voice has and her pronunciation is weird too and it doesn’t match with Halle Bailey’s visuals period. It’s even worse that ya’ll are completely “popularity” bias in the comments coz you feel like she “fits” and is what a “Disney Princess” should be when Halle Bailey did not match people’s expectations for the role and was abused/hated on for getting it.

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