NewJeans’ ‘Ditto’ becomes the song with the most perfect all-kills in K-Pop history, surpassing BTS’s ‘Dynamite’

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ surpasses BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ to become the song with the most perfect all-kills in K-Pop history

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ now has the 611th perfect all-kill, meaning that “Ditto” has now surpassed the legendary record previously set by BTS’s “Dynamite” for the most PAKs of all time (610 PAKs)

Top 10 K-Pop songs with the most perfect all-kills

1 NewJeans “Ditto” – 611 hours +

2 BTS “Dynamite” – 610 hours

3 IU “Celebrity” – 462 hours

4 Zico “Any Song” – 330 hours

5 IU “Lilac” – 265 hours

6 Brave Girls “Rollin’” – 262 hours

7 BTS “Butter” – 257 hours

8 SSAK3 “Beach Again” – 208 hours

9 iKON “Love Scenario” – 204 hours

10 MSG Wannabe “Foolish Love” – 169 hours

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these year end awards daesangs would be pretty interesting to see


Its still February tho. Tomboy was getting paks last year and they were stable in the charts for months but love dive surpass them because it has way more longevity . Love dive stays on top 10 from april to december and its still on top 10 in some k charts so longevity is way more important than paks u know


yep I know hence why I said it’s interesting to see


PAKS are just 0.1% of Dynamite Achievements but still Congrats to Newjeans and their fans (dunno their fandom name)


0.1% and still they did being a rookie group, jealous


Njs fandom annoy me so bad. They ONLY rookie group, let see where they are in their 10years


Most of the annoying one is from other fandom who jumped into NJ train to bullshitting on BTS, coz their fave couldn’t do it.


Thanks to hybe bvtch. You wouldn’t be able to do shit if hybe didn’t give you so many opportunities. That’s why you don’t have any organic records even though you’re a rookie group. This is very embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you

Another Guest

They did it as a rookie cause BTS earned so much money for Hybe to use it on Newjeans. Use your small brain.


i see that you are the jealous one here 😂 did that 0 number hurt you?


Looks like it’ll be another goal for K-ARMYs to work on for the next cb, and congrats to NJ too.


I think what’s good of this whole mess is both k-armys and i-armys are finally working together. I feel like this fandom is getting too comfortable since dynamite era


In before antis use NJ to bash BTS cause their favs can’t do that


New Jeans Closes 2023 Very Quickly”
With just Ditto and OMG, no one can beat either BG or GG.
Daesangs in all categories will surely be earned until there are none left at the end of the year. Just a Bonsang for BG/GG as a “Welcome” reward for working hard.


too early to say this I think , people said the same thing about tomboy last year but then love dive came in. anything could happen this year.

But ditto is of course confirmed to be the strong contender of soty(s) this year.


I think it will be hard to beat Ditto this year


true but we’re still in January so anything could happen this year , and number of paks didn’t really matter when it comes to soty(s) division especially Melon . We all know Genie’s awards can be paid if we see last year’s issue so I’m going to ignore this one show.

Hence why I used Tomboy and Love Dive as an example , Tomboy have like 167 paks and Love Dive didn’t get one but look who won the soty daesang at MMA and MAMA . IVE is winning both sotys there. Cause Love Dive has longetivity and their number of UL(s) keep increasing throughout the year than Tomboy whose number of ULs keep decreasing on Melon. Like Love Dive was in Top 10 Melon for the entire year while Tomboy dropped to TOP 20/TOP 30 after 2/3 months.

So as long as Ditto has longetivity on Melon like what Hype Boy does rn and no one will beat their number of UL(s), safe to say they have a very high chance to win soty at MMA. MAMA is hard to say since they focus on global but Ditto did well on Spotify right now so for now they’re also the top contender for soty at Mama too and probably have a higher chance to win there.


What are UL

Another Guest

They won’t sweep daesangs because bgs are still way ahead when it comes to physical sales. But maybe on Melon they have a chance.


PAKs are more abut timing though. The chart is kinda weak at the start of the year.

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WhatsThe Point

Can’t wait for the mediaplay (sarcastic)


This is just one of dynamite’s hundreds of records. New jeans broke dynamite record of only 1%. It really surprises me. Will they the ‘next bts’ with just shitty records in korea?? It’s so annoying to see next bts article every fucking day. Nj has no america or european successes yet but their fans are so happy to see break a small record of dynamite 💀


Dynamite with “FEW” records


Again Dynamite


And again


Lastly 💜


all these are history though, an accumulation of one hit wonders. what’s the point if they couldn’t maintain or even raise their profile lmao army live in the past like boomers


Their song has broken one of the hundreds of records held by Dynamite, so congratulations. Anything to get BTS into the conversation, if they keep this up, they are going to burn this girl group. 


“Newjeans, the biggest Kpop Act/Group in 2023”



U are right. In 2023.Cause the biggest Kpop/Korean Act/Group of All Time is BTS 💯👏👏👏. Legendary.

Another Guest

Let’s see if there will be a delusional comment denying this


NewJeans ended BTS

Hype statement said newjeans will replace BTS as face of company it’s true now


Like your username, u are Nobody. n it is Hybe, not hype. Token stanning newjeans just to shit on BTS does not make your fav from Nobody to Somebody.

Hi, I'm Guest

It’s sad to see Dynamite PAKs being broken,😣 since the record looked beautiful for Dynamite but oh well, and congratulations to NJ & Ditto🥳 finger cross BTS will do another miracle w the PAKs! 🤞

Another Guest

It’s fine. Remember that Dynamite is literally an English song charting so high in S. Korea. When’s the last time you saw an English song top a chart in Korea much less obtain a PAK? Besides, it was the first song by a Kpop group to hit #1 on the BB Hot100 and is Grammy-nominated. So keep calm and wait for 2025.

behind the scenes

dynamite is sooo 3 years ago


How do you get PAK

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