NewJeans’ ‘Get Up’ ranks #1 on US Billboard 200

NewJeans’ ‘Get Up’ ranks #1 on US Billboard 200… 2nd K-pop girl group

According to Billboard, NewJeans’s 2nd mini album ‘Get Up’ has officially landed at #1 on this week’s ‘Billboard 200’ chart for the week of August 5

NewJeans now join BLACKPINK as the only two K-Pop girl groups ever to hit #1 on the main Billboard album chart

1. Wow, congratulations to NewJeans!!

2. Crazy.. Congratulations to NewJeans!!!!!

3. I like the songs in this album, I’m still listening to them

4. NewJeans is amazing

5. NewJeans seems to be doing so well that it’s not realistic

6. Daebak ㅜㅜ Congratulations to NewJeans!!

7. Who was the first girl group? Is it BLACKPINK?

8. It hit the daebak

9. Seriously amazing, I love their songs

10. Crazy, NewJeans is daebak

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