NewJeans Haerin leaves legendary photos for ‘Vogue’ digital cover

NewJeans Haerin ‘Vogue’ digital cover revealed

1. F*cking pretty

2. She’s so pretty.. Dior Kang Haerin is slowly becoming a proper noun

2. How are her eyes really that big?

3. Her expression is always the same… She’s cute, but she’s really bad at taking pictures

4. Her eyes are really big

5. She will be prettier as she gets older

6. I’m curious about her parents’ face,,, She’s so pretty

7. How can one be born like this?

8. She’s prettier without bangs

9. Dior Haerin coming soon

10. Wow her aura is crazy ㅜㅜ

11. Is she a Dior Ambassador? It suits her so well

12. Her vibe is really unique

13. I think Haerin’s face is really trendy and unique no matter what she does

14. She looks like a real cat

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