NewJeans Haerin selected as the official ambassador of Dior

Dior Jewelry = global ambassador
Dior Fashion & Beauty = house ambassador

1. How many Korean ambassadors does Dior have? Haerin suits Dior so well

2. All my favorite celebrities are gathered at Dior.. Jisoo, Yuna and Haerin..

3. Jisoo, Yuna, Jimin, Haerin, Cha Eunwoo, there are 5 ambassadors, right?

4. Something doesn’t suit her, her image is young so I think a younger brand would suit her better

5. Dior has a lot of ambassadors, she suits Dior well anyway

6. NewJeans members have all become ambassadors

7. Wow NewJeans is doing so well

8. I thought Chanel would be perfect for her, but Dior also suits her

9. Wow, it suits her so well. Haerin-ah, congratulations

10. It’s like a combination of Yuna and Jisoo

11. Haerin looks like a princess from a rich family. It suits her so well

12. The last photo is amazing

13. Haerin is so pretty, congratulations

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