NewJeans Haerin selected as the official ambassador of Dior

Dior Jewelry = global ambassador
Dior Fashion & Beauty = house ambassador

1. How many Korean ambassadors does Dior have? Haerin suits Dior so well

2. All my favorite celebrities are gathered at Dior.. Jisoo, Yuna and Haerin..

3. Jisoo, Yuna, Jimin, Haerin, Cha Eunwoo, there are 5 ambassadors, right?

4. Something doesn’t suit her, her image is young so I think a younger brand would suit her better

5. Dior has a lot of ambassadors, she suits Dior well anyway

6. NewJeans members have all become ambassadors

7. Wow NewJeans is doing so well

8. I thought Chanel would be perfect for her, but Dior also suits her

9. Wow, it suits her so well. Haerin-ah, congratulations

10. It’s like a combination of Yuna and Jisoo

11. Haerin looks like a princess from a rich family. It suits her so well

12. The last photo is amazing

13. Haerin is so pretty, congratulations

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She doesn’t suit dior but who care! They are from bts company at the end


what’s the correlation


Ahhh you mad




mmm honestly idk good for them I guess but yeah I do wish for them to go for brands that are more catered towards people around their age ranges but ador just so impatient with getting these luxury brands for them.


the way ador announces these things are so cringey


To brag, i guess?

John Xina

Well when you pay for something nice you typically want to show it off


Jennie wishes she could be this successful

lili lover

you’re just lying to yourself atp


Ador being so impatient pushing these girls to be luxury brand ambassador ala bp. They just dont have any impact individually for a moment. “Global” seem too early but i guess dior paid her cheap expecting her blow up later. Curious to see how long ador can maintain newjeans hype. Le sserafim getting really popular day by day, aespa still has such hardcore fandom n baemon already have blink as supporters.


Kinda agree but new jeans has good song producers behind them and good song will keep them going


Well good song doesnt really matter tbh. Girl groups hype easily can be gone once knetizens n kpop fans have new favourite. Trust me, once baemon debuting, they are the next group which the members gonna be luxury brand ambassador too. YG has more connection with fashion brands.

lili lover

she’s so pretty

Support trans Lisa

I’ve been obsessed with her from the moment I saw her. My love.


the way it’s only their company making this announcements and crickets from the brand itself… kinda embarrassing and screams desperation tbh


But if they r really ambassadors why the brands did not acknowledge them on social platforms?. No promo from the brand except Hanni.. it means this is from only ador’s one sided announcement… it seems quite shameful.


But All the brands did announced them…

spicy spice

their fans said that newjeans can replace bts in term of income but this is what min heejin did lmao. she spent way too much for sure just for using “… being an official brand ambassador for luxury brand …” phrases. i mean literally each members got theirs. i can’t believe we got another blackpink wannabe after what aespa did lol.


nice, i’m sure her peers aka 16 year olds, can afford dior 🤩👍

very smart choice


she just looks like a child that put on all of her moms jewelry at once. none of them suit these luxury brands but if they had to choose somebody, they should have went for minji

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