NewJeans Haerin who is seriously pretty in real life

1. I’m curious about her parents’ faces

2. Haerin is pretty and has aura

3. Haerin is getting more and more pretty

4. How come her eyes are so big? I’m curious about her parents

5. I also want to see Haerin in real life….. She’s so pretty

6. I think she looks prettier without bangs

7. She’s pretty but I think her face shape is pretty too

8. I saw Haerin right in front of me, and she’s so pretty

9. She looks like a character from the game, it’s not realistic…

10. She really looks like a fairy

11. It’s a doll

12. Her eyes are so big and she’s so pretty

13. She’s the prettiest to me

14. I envy her… Young, rich and pretty…

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Hybe’s mediaplay
Wonyoung much better than her


She’s pretty, but she always wears those huge circle lenses like her life depends on it. It distorts our perception of beauty…like I’m sure she looks super pretty without it.

Just No

girl is not simply pretty, that’s a dime a dozen in kpop. this girl have beautiful unique traits


she’s prettier without make up she looks like a cute cat TT

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