NewJeans Hanni becomes Gucci ambassador

It was posted on NewJeans’ Instagram

1. Is she Vietnamese?

2. She suits Gucci so wellㅋㅋ

3. Congratulations to Hanni, it suits you so well

4. Isn’t she Korean??? She’s Vietnamese in NewJeans, right??

5. NewJeans is crazy. They filmed 6 commercials.. The members attended luxury events and even became ambassadors

6. It suits her so well, she’s cute, stylish, pretty and full of talent

7. Shin Min Ah, IU, and Hanni.. I think they’re looking for images that are both cute but also have a cold charm

8. I thought she was Korean, her face is uniquely pretty

9. These days, Gucci’s youthful image suits her so well

10. Gucci likes cute images, it suits her so well

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with how much hybe invest to them, ofc they’re going to grab cfs as much as they can


I’m glad hybe seems to take care of them well so far. I usually heard complaints from gg stans from big companies because of their mismanagement/mistreatment towards their gh. hope they’ll always be treated good


Well any one can get ambassador now even just a rookie member


they should have been commercial talents

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