“NewJeans has ruined their image” Min Heejin revealed that NewJeans members called her at night and cried because they felt sorry for her

Min Heejin “NewJeans members called me at night and cried because they felt sorry for me”

1. The reason they are crying now is because they are worried about themselves

2. She doesn’t even think about the NewJeans members

3. Let’s go together. They will not wake up until they are buried with punishment and can’t work

4. Goodbye… Remember to pay the fine…

5. NewJeansㅋ ​I won’t curse because they’re kids, but take the punishment and go out and do well

6. If that’s the case then I’ll give up on NewJeans;

7. Let’s leave HYBE together

8. ??? Are NewJeans’ parents stupid?

9. She shouldn’t have mentioned the NewJeans members..

10. Will NewJeans become the second FIFTY FIFTY?

11. “I am your mother, so please protect me until the end”

12. Since you have a lot of money, pay the fine and leave HYBE together

13. What’s happening to NewJeans? They have ruined their image

14. Goodbye NewJeans

15. Now, when I look at NewJeans, I automatically think of ‘mother’ Min Heejin

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