NewJeans Hyein attends the Louis Vuitton fashion show

1. She looks like a real model

2. She’s even prettier in the video

3. Baby Hyein is so pretty

4. She’s a unique character among female idols

5. She seems to be getting prettier and prettier as she grows up

6. Hul, maybe it’s because she’s tall, the long boots look good on her~

7. Hyein is really, really pretty. She’s still in middle school

8. I’m so proud of our maknae

9. Wow, she suits Louis Vuitton so well

10. Wow, she’s seriously so pretty and her aura is crazy

11. Our maknae is so pretty

12. Her legs are so long, she looks like Kim Min Hee when she was young

13. Her proportions are crazy

14. She looks like a model

15. Whenever I see her, I think she looks like Kim Min Hee. She’s uniquely pretty

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