NewJeans Hyein who was born to be a professional model on the cover of ‘Vogue Korea’

NewJeans Hyein’s first personal cover photo ‘Vogue Korea’ released in November

B cut

1. Hul, is she the youngest? He looks so mature

2. Well, I think she can become a professional model

3. Hyein looks like a real model

4. Isn’t she a model?.. Daebak

5. Crazy… Her aura is unique… Seriously… She’s 15 years old??? I can not believe it…

6. You look like a professional model… You’re really good Hyein-ah

7. NewJeans’ maknae seems to have a lot of potential

8. I thought she stood out the most in NewJeans. My eyes were right!

9. Hyein looks the most talented in NewJeans

10. Even in NewJeans, when I see her on stage, she stands out the most

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