NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’ got its first win on music show today

[Official] NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’ got its first win on music show today!

1st win!!!

1. This is the first win? Daebak

2. Wow, ‘Hype Boy’ finally got 1st place

3. Hul, ‘Hype Boy’ didn’t win 1st place???

4. No, this is the first time?? But the song that was released in 2022 got 1st place in 2023??

5. I think it’s great that ‘Hype Boy’ is still popular

6. The song is suitable for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter

7. Wow finally!!!!

8. Wow, the song was released last August? Well, I really don’t get tired of it, I really like it

9. Really? Why?? Out of NewJeans’ debut songs, ‘Hype Boy’ is the most popular, so I thought it got #1

10. What???? Wasn’t ‘Hype Boy’ the song that came out last summer? Daebak

11. I really like ‘Hype Boy’

12. ???????? Hype Boy? I was surprised

13. NewJeans is daebak

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Jimin Penis

Hybe Girl version next πŸ†πŸ€€πŸ’¦

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