NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK as the only groups whose songs surpass 3 million streams on Spotify global daily chart

NewJeans ‘Ditto surpasses 3 million streams on Spotify global daily chart

Only two K-Pop groups have songs with over 3 million streams in one day

NewJeans became the 3rd group

Of course, they are the first group in the 4th generation

1. I really like this song

2. NewJeans’ song is so good

3. I love this song so much. I miss my school days

4. I think I like Ditto because it’s pretty cute, so I keep listening to it

5. I really like the song… It’s perfect for winter

6. I love the song, I keep listening to it now

7. As expected, if you’re popular in Korea, you’ll be popular overseas

8. They have a lot of foreign fans

9. I think the popularity of NewJeans overseas is huge

10. I like all the songs that NewJeans has released

11. They are doing well abroad

12. I’m not a fan, but I hope NewJeans continues to release good songs and get bigger

13. I really like this song, I listen to it every day

14. The song is really crazy

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7. As expected, if you’re popular in Korea, you’ll be popular overseas

Thats not true for SM artists case.


The problem with SM artists is their music, even as a veteran kpop fan I still find it hard to get used to most of their releases or it takes me a while to appreciate the songs. If that’s the case for me as a kpop fan then I can’t imagine how its gonna sound for the GP lol. They should just producing normal songs and the popularity overseas especially in the west will come naturally!!


If only SM focus to make gp music like psycho, bad boy. But they always so egoistic n want to focus doing noise songs. Also until now they still think having visuals enough to make western like their artists. They always did everything except making gp music. Now outside korea people are tired n bored with SM.


their problem isn’t only music but performances and contents too


yeah ngl, as someone who has followed SM for so long, many of their performances are boring to watch… even in 2nd gen, I honestly find yg & jyp groups to be more entertaining to watch 🤧 (I like some groups from all 3 so I watch them all) and it still hasn’t changed now. maybe they’re only better in their own solo concerts


1 SM didn’t pickup Idols base on talent NCT and Aespa are proof

2 SM treat none Korean members poorly that’s why overseas fans feel racist towards them

3 SM numbers are fishy coming from nowhere don’t forget Interpol list


That not true for any kpop group but bts tbh


SM propaganda media play can only fool Korean


Got the hybe playlisting, the other companies are way behind on this


Be serious even blackpink member solo’s gets better playlisting than bts.

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What are the other popular playlists that Ditto got other than Kpop ON that have 4 million followers ? And non-Hybe idols are also always being put 1st on that playlist too so clearly those companies are not that behind .

If you’re on Tiktok and Twitter, you can see how tons of people are tuning in to this new song regardless they like the song or not like people check them out as soon as the song is out, people on Tiktok using the song for their capcut template video which lead to the song reaches more wider audience and out from kpop tiktok to local tiktok .


YG got the best playlisting tho for bp everytime. I bet you all once new yg gg debut, they gonna get higher playlisting than newjeans.


I’m not a yg stan and I wasn’t even hating


hybe haven’t even paid for the play-listing for this song, you’re just be saying anything because you’re jealous of their success lol


Not you saying this with Midpink playlisting and Spotify deals being the main reason they accomplish anything at all


I am not even a new jeans fan but i am so surprised how well they are doing globally…. i mean i knew they were gonna do well in korea but their international streams are so impressive…. they are the next blackpink, could possibly become bigger then them actually.


their debut was a huge success so they got the hype right now.


you guys always say this 💀 izone, g idle, everglow, itzy, aespa etc. all of these groups had success and yall claimed “theyre the next bp!” “they’re going to destroy bp!” and it never hapened. y’all should have learned your lesson by now but clearly not.

BP is not going anywhere. Accept it.


I hate New Jeans and their songs. The worst was Cookie. Disgusting song.


You took time to write all that hate when you could just have gone out and touch grass. Smh.

John. Xina

Well New Jean debut songs having high placements on Today’s Top Hits and the likes as well as many New Music Fridays it’s no surprise lmao. Will tank like their last one when payola runs out lol


just say you’re jealous and go. Ditto got better results than both debut songs with minimal play-listing. why is it so hard to accept that many people are vibing with their songs?


There are lots of groups that are popular in Korea but not popular outside. Let them stop raving, please. 


Istg the hate these people have for Hybe idols, saying that Hybe does payola like bruh SM has Lee Soo Man who is being investigated by the Interpol. YG is being investigated for covering up the crimes and committing crimes himself. But sure, Hybe is the one that does payola lmao. If Hybe does payola then why does BTS have 0 spins in the US radio aside from their English singles hmmm?? Pls use your small brains if you have one


well hybe for sure isn’t saint either. Yg and sm aren’t the one under investigation for flying 100 journalists on a paid trip to write about a concert. Mediaplay kings


Lolz where is the police investigation on this? what op mentioned is a legit case against them by police authorities while what you mentioned against HYBE is made up

Lisa oppa

Ended BP, they so insecure even their big fanbase bullied these rookies on twitter 😭😭😭

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