NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK as the only groups whose songs surpass 3 million streams on Spotify global daily chart

NewJeans ‘Ditto surpasses 3 million streams on Spotify global daily chart

Only two K-Pop groups have songs with over 3 million streams in one day

NewJeans became the 3rd group

Of course, they are the first group in the 4th generation

1. I really like this song

2. NewJeans’ song is so good

3. I love this song so much. I miss my school days

4. I think I like Ditto because it’s pretty cute, so I keep listening to it

5. I really like the song… It’s perfect for winter

6. I love the song, I keep listening to it now

7. As expected, if you’re popular in Korea, you’ll be popular overseas

8. They have a lot of foreign fans

9. I think the popularity of NewJeans overseas is huge

10. I like all the songs that NewJeans has released

11. They are doing well abroad

12. I’m not a fan, but I hope NewJeans continues to release good songs and get bigger

13. I really like this song, I listen to it every day

14. The song is really crazy

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