NewJeans’ light stick reminds me of B.A.P’s light stick

1. Aren’t all rabbits the same?

2. I don’t know if they’re the same, but it’s absurd to say it’s plagiarism

3. It’s not even plagiarism, it’s just that people remember B.A.P’s light stick as a memory

4. The design is different, the color is different, everything is different

5. Are you saying it’s just a rabbit?

6. They’re not the same, it’s just a memory, I’ve been thinking about B.A.P ever since NewJeans’ rabbit light stick came outㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Even though I’m a fan of B.A.P, I don’t even think about it

8. I can’t think of anything other than the rabbit

9. They are not the same, so why do you remember B.A.P’s light stick..? They have the same rabbit?

10. They look so cute

11. But the design is different

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yeah it do reminds me of bap like isn’t it called matokki ?

but yeah it’s absurd to say it’s a plagiarism, the design is different and since newjeans’ fandom is bunnies or tokki , it’s bound to happen that the lightstick also will be bunny-shaped

spicy spice

both are rabbits but newjeans’ lightstick more like a U shaped than a rabbit so it can’t be a plagiarism issue.


well if they’re going to called it plagiarism, it should be for the icon since BAP also use rabbit

but rabbit is not BAP original creation, it’s too common


more like universe app logo tho?


That bap lightstick is soo ugly..

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