NewJeans’ lightstick price is causing controversy

Is the price for NewJeans’ lightstick real??

This is so cute, but it’s crazy to pay that much for one lightstick..

It becomes even more expensive if you buy parts for it. It seems to be the most expensive among idol lightsticks

What is the lightstick made out of to justify this price? Why are they selling it for such expensive prices?

The lightstick costs 49,000 won, and additional parts cost 15,000 won. Buy them together and it costs 60,000 won…

[+259, -105]

1. [+206, -40] Regardless of what you say, everyone is going to buy it. For real, it will sell out in five seconds

2. [+191, -54] At these prices, they should have at least made it look expensive. It looks like a 5-dollar mood lamp I saw at Daiso

3. [+166, -29] Even if it is expensive, it’ll sell out immediately due to NewJeans’ power

4. [+61, -6] It looks so cheap

5. [+52, -1] They take advantage of fans because they’ll buy it no matter what

6. [+38, -0] 60,000 won??? Crazy

7. [+32, -0] I think the original price will be under 10,000 won… Only fans are being taken advantage of

8. [+28, -0] They treat fans like fools

9. [+16, -0] HYBE seems to increase the price of all goods

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Poor Student

over-exaggerating koreans again. 60000krw is a price of a candy bar. it’s cheap.


wtf kind of candy bar costs 50 bucks ?


Which candy bar is that? I found some from 2.500krw to 15.000krw


Only fools buy this stuff.

(That’s why BTS makes so much money btw)


bts living in your mind rent free, worry about yourself looking pathetic all over pannkpop


It looks like something you can DIY, not gonna lie


weverse is just so annoying tbh, shipping price could go crazy there

Kpop Boomer

Hybe’s greed will be one the reasons for it’s eventual downfall.


the problem with this price is that most of nwjns fans are teenagers or young adults who don’t have that much money to spend on a light stick but i can’t say anything i want it too

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