NewJeans members officially spoke out about the HYBE and Min Heejin feud

5 NewJeans members filed petition to the court… It seems like it gave more strength to Min Heejin’s side

On May 18, 2024, it was reported that the five members of NewJeans (Danielle, Minji, Hanni, Haerin, and Hyein) allegedly submitted a petition with the court the day before, during the first court trial between HYBE and Min Heejin

This is the first time the members officially spoke up about this incident. Details of the petition are not known

1. NewJeans Min Heejin, fighting!!!

2. Bang Si Hyuk makes me support NewJeans even though I don’t like NewJeans that much. I hope NewJeans and Min Heejin will fight and win!

3. NewJeans also made a big decision

4. As time goes by, it seems like Min Heejin is using NewJeans

5. I don’t think that’s a good choice

6. I was originally not interested in idols but now I am a fan of NewJeans

7. Finally, from the beginning, Min Heejin and NewJeans’ goal was to leave HYBE…

8. Why are you cursing at NewJeans? ? What happened to your brain?

9. NewJeans probably don’t know that Min Heejin is swearing behind their backs… I think she really cares about NewJeans, but I guess she only likes her own creations

10. They know best who really cares about them so they filed a petition

11. I don’t want to see both HYBE and NewJeans

12. I’m not a fan or anything but I sincerely support Min Heejin and NewJeans

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