NewJeans Minji changes her status on Phoning attracting reactions

NewJeans Minji changed her status on Phoning

It has just been changed

1. If you’re angry and leave malicious comments because of an emoji, go to the hospital… Why do you live like that?

2. Seems like they are just following their mother

3. If you’re not going to clarify your position, it would be better to do nothing. Doesn’t anyone around you give advice..

4. I really don’t think it’s possible, but when you have the time to do something like that, post a statement or an apology…

5. It’s disgusting that you guys are criticizing her because of an emoji…

6. Why even fuss over this? They’re guessing everything and saying whatever…

7. It seems like she changed it because she was worried about her fans, so what’s the problem?

8. Why?? I don’t know what the problem is?

9. Can’t they just stay quiet until the results are clear? It seems like they’re desperate to criticize

10. Seriously, why are you guys criticizing this..?

11. What’s up?… Seriously, it’s nothing special

12. Instead of doing that, you should clarify your position. At my house, the fanatic hasn’t eaten in days and won’t come out of their room. Sigh

13. Minji and the NewJeans members must be so sad, I hope everything will be resolved well

14. They criticize everything

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