NewJeans Minji is suspected of plastic surgery

NewJeans Minji’s plastic surgery is seriously not obvious and turned out so well

This was before her plastic surgery. I think she changed her nose and eyes

She looks naturally pretty

[+319, -279]

1. [+315, -119] No but anyone can tell that her plastic surgery was obvious. You really think she didn’t touch her face?

2. [+206, -53] My elementary school graduation photo also looks ugly but don’t all elementary school graduation photos usually look like that?

3. [+170, -55] No, Minji’s elementary school friends / middle school friends / guitar academy teachers who suggested her to audtion all said that her nose was already like that and that she didn’t get plastic surgery so why you guys always say she did her nose?

4. [+123, -19] You’re even more pathetic when you pretend to compliment her while showing your inferiority complex

5. [+17, -7] Because it’s not plastic surgery

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