NewJeans’ Minji says she’s never eaten Jjamppong

1. Thin people are less curious about food, let alone an idol with a goal of being thin, who hasn’t even tried to eat anything since elementary school

2. Has she ever eaten Tteokbokki?

3. I’m 28 years old and I still haven’t eaten Sushi? So this is possible

4. I also don’t eat Jjamppong, I didn’t even try it because I find it spicy

5. I guess she can’t eat spicy food

6. Maybe that’s why she’s so skinny

7. If she eats all of them, there’s no way she can maintain that body

8. I didn’t eat Jjamppong until I was 20 years old. I don’t really like seafood, and I like Jajangmyeon

9. I live without eating anything spicyㅋㅋㅋ

10. I think she said she hasn’t even tried Bibimmyeon, Minji is so cute

11. Wow, didn’t she say she hasn’t eaten Kalguksu before?

12. She’s not good at spicy food? Well, I can’t eat spicy either!!!!!! Minji, are you my destiny?

13. She hasn’t eaten Kalguksu, Bibimmyeon and Jjambbong?? It’s really interesting

14. Because people who don’t eat spicy don’t eat it

15. I also ate Jjamppong for the first time when I was 22 years old

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Is this for her image?


What image 💀 just what would benefit her by saying she doesn’t eat it? Not like she said she doesn’t eat korean food, it’s just this one food lol idols have a lot of times talk about their diet and not eating certain food this isn’t weird


huh?? im not even maintaing an image and yet i havent eaten this even the instant noodle version lol. some of us are just picky and doesnt like seafood that much and that’s totally fine?? it’s not like she’s harming anyone with this statement lol

Dairy Queen

Not everyone’s world revolves around food people. 😐


If you dont like spicy or seafood its understandable. Its spicy seafood noodles. . . .its not a crime. How is this even something to make any comment on

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