NewJeans proves their popularity by appearing on ‘You Quiz on the Block’ next week

Next week ‘You Quiz on the Block’ NewJeans

1. I was surprised when I watched the show ㅋㅋ Can’t wait for NewJeans next week

2. Minji is so pretty… I admire her every time I see her…

3. I have to watch the broadcast next week~

4. Minji is seriously so pretty

5. How can our Minji talk so well?

6. I’m curious about whether Haerin was cast or auditioned ㅋㅋㅋ ​​Please let me know..

7. Wow they are really cute

8. This is NewJeans’ first variety show.. Can’t wait

9. I’ve never watched You Quiz before, but I have to watch it this time

10. Yoo Jae Suk finally meets NewJeans ㅋㅋㅋ They always mention NewJeans in variety shows ㅋㅋㅋ

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Hybe mediaplay is insane lmao


For going on a show??? Dhhdjsjsjsj at new jeans level, any other group would’ve gone to every famous shows in korea. (I can easily name groups who did) This is their first show so where exactly is the mediaplay 🤔


“NewJeans proves their popularity by appearing on ‘You Quiz on the Block’ next week”
maybe OP assumed this headline is written by Hybe PR team??? Also how’s going to a show proves popularity??? Is that show really popular in korea and only popular celebrities are invited to be guests?


Agree dude like no hate to nj they cool. But the headline seems to be written specifically to create a noise. Cause many idols are going in that show and how do going to a show determines someone’s popularity really.


apparently most of the idols who went there are already big names in korea like iu, bts, snsd, etc. there’s only a few of them based on the list I saw. a lot of the guests are not idols but from different jobs. so I think that kinda show that newjeans is relevant enough to be invited into this show, just like brave girls when they went viral with rollin, especially because they’re just rookies

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Brave girls went to this show when rollin got viral. Newjeans have being blowing up in korea since debut so its make sense for them to go this popular show.

However, i am a bit worry to see them having explosive debut as its mean they need to have real great cb to maintain their hype. I honestly prefer slow rise rather than explosive debut. Its feel safer route for career longetivity.


I hope they’ll be like 2ne1 in their rookie years 🤧


just say you’re jealous and go lol


if big 3 can do mediaplay all the time, why can’t hybe do it too? I think it’s a good thing to keep the hype for them, especially because the competition among 4th gen ggs is very tough right now. everyone always pointed out how people jump very easily from one group to another one so I find this better than being forgotten that fast by the public 🤧

oh and also, they’re gonna have a comeback in a few days and seems like their agency won’t give them teasers again just like their debut. I actually hope this ‘mediaplay’ can help people to remember newjeans’ upcoming comeback lol

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It’s Ador cause if it’s Hybe, they will push Lesserafim too but they don’t because all these groups are managed by different labels.

The same goes with Enhypen actually cause CJ ENM really goes all out to promote Enhypen ( Belift is a label between Hybe-CJ ENM ) , like they become award presenter of Mama recently, it’s probably CJ the one who pushed for it since I think they were the only idols that became award presenter for Mama this year. Not because of Hybe.

If you compare them to other label’s groups especially Bighit , there are big differences in it.


no shade but how is appearing on a quiz show special? 😭😭


I think it’s just because it’s yoo jaesuk’s show lol. he’s like everyone’s favorite


oh wait I just checked the list of the guests and there were only a few veteran idols who went there as guests like iu, bts, snsd, baekhyun, cl, lee hyori, also a super viral group like brave girls. so I think that’s why they make a big deal out of this because newjeans is just 4 months old rookies


new jeans is viral. hype boy just re-peaked after 4 months


yes! newjeans is like a syndrome in korea. the caption from the teaser even said, “your existence itself is a syndrome” lol


That show seem only having veteran artists(iu, bts) or huge celebrities. Brave girls got to appear due to rollin was viral. So, its really big deal for a rookies managed to appear in this showm

Berry Island

I don’t like their new styles & hairstyles. It doesn’t show their charm. Bring back, our cute Newjeans!


I hope their next comeback is good cause crazy Pann girls are so ready to type bad sh*t if they release a bad song. They looove tearing ggs.

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