“NewJeans really devoured all the female idols” NewJeans ‘Ditto’ got #1 on Melon Top 100

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ got #1 on Melon Top 100

1. The song is good, and the synergy with the music video is crazy

2. No matter how many times I listen to it, I still don’t get bored

3. I cried while watching the MV, the song is really good

4. I listened to it and it was so good

5. I keep watching music videos

6. NewJeans is trending

7. The song is so good. These days, idol music is more about the music you watch than the music you listen to, but I think NewJeans has captured both

8. I really like this song

9. I still listen to it, I really like the song

10. First of all, the song is great, but the music video is crazy, it’s a movie

11. The song is good and the music video is good too

12. I love the song, I also like the music video

13. I like the song, I don’t know why I want to cry

14. The song is so good, the MV makes me cry, NewJeans is the best

15. NewJeans really devoured all the female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Looks like they’re one of the top

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Hopefully other can follow NJ’s trend and stop making construction music

Teenaged puppy

Bp found in a ditch


Gosh you can’t even read properly . This is about new jeans not blackpink .

Teenaged puppy

Nah… It’s about how 4th gen NJ embarrassed BP the self proclaimed top gg on the charts. Ctfu


nah they embarrassed namjoon instead who had comeback only few weeks ago but nowhere on charts


Of course they are charting good. they had a comeback during an open house on the charts. No big groups/soloists released anything. Good for them though!!


lol you say that while hype boy is still up the top 5 on melon

like attention and hype boy aren’t defeating big groups blackpink on the chart


Hybe mediaplay back at it again


Loo there’s no mediaplay here just facts unlike YG which constantly publishes articles saying BP overtook BTS when they are nowhere near each other. One is selling out Wembley stadium while the other is still in 15k arenas.


YG not the ones under investigation for flying 100 journalists on a paid trip to write about a concert.. but sure let’s talk about mediaplay!

Berry Island

I’m not sure whether the song will have good longevity like their previous songs. But this achievement shows how sensational/epic their debut was.


This shows just how successful they are because this isn’t even the title track lol


This is what I expected from Seulgis solo based on her teaser in terms of having a movie quality MV. too good.

Hi, Im Guest

Maybe jype can learn from nj & stop giving nmixx horribly bad experimental songs. Btw, nj ratata sounds expensive than midpink ratata shein version


midpink paved the way

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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