“NewJeans should also be added” Top 2 girl group debut songs that were the most impactful in history

Miss A ‘Bad girl Good girl’

2NE1 ‘Fire’

1. It’s no exaggeration to say that 2NE1 has opened up a new direction for girl groups

2. I agree

3. I only watched BLACKPINK’s stages and watched 2NE1’s videos, but as expected, YG idols are famous for their skills

4. Personally, NewJeans should also be added…

5. I think of these two songs

6. Miss A’s debut caused a fever with Suzy’s face

7. I still vividly remember watching Suzy’s debut stage and was shocked by her beauty

8. Miss A’s song, concept, choreography, everything is perfect

9. We talked about Suzy every day in class

10. For me, NewJeans’ debut song is also the best ever

11. And NewJeans

12. When I saw the title, I thought of Miss A

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wth western validation

wth. here’s a pannkpop style blog for western celebs. Do u see any new jeans??? https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/?skip=30

The reality is that all other than bts, mackenyu (one piece, rurouni kenshin) or fan bingbing (bef scandal) are unknown.


how is this related to this post tho


nj stans somehow think nj is ‘famous’ in the west. but no… just look at the title.


mmm I partially agree , I see some muggles from the west that don’t listen to kpop but loving this song and use them on their videos , even ryan reynolds posted a tiktok video using this song , I would not say they go viral VIRAL there but probably semi-viral .

But that’s the thing , only their songs are going semi-viral , not Newjeans or any of the members, none of them knows Newjeans that much , hence why I said I partially agree with the statement that ‘nj is famous in the west’

I’m not a Newjeans’ fan by the way so don’t think this as me like defending them because I stan them but I said what I said above because of what I observed all this time

It's whatever

You can’t compare, Ryan Reynolds all kpop, we all know that, he’s a big fan of stray kids and post kpop songs all the time.
Mention an actual muggle that newjeans. Exactly, none knows them outside kpop


mmm I know he listen to kpop but the 80% of people that follows him probably are not hence why I used him as an example plus I’ve seen few people with big followings on tiktok that doesn’t like to listen kpop, enjoy some of their songs , can’t list the names since their videos randomly popped out on my tl and I didn’t remember their names so my bad.


There is like other 10 topics about ither groups trending on pann why this account only translate nj posts?? Is this you hybe 💰?


pannchoa also translate the same thing , it was trending few hours ago , pannkpop is just late to the party

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me

Charting well =/= impact. We’ll see if Newjeans has impact if their style opens up a new wave of songs/style for kpop idols. Charting well is not equivalent to having an impact if you can’t see it being followed.


I think we’ve already seen this ? Idk if it’s impact or coincidence but tripleS and Fifty Fifty have like similar music to Newjeans rn.


NJ are literally fx. Except for skills


I partially disagree , I do agree their songs do sound like f(x)’s songs post-sulli departure like 4walls but if we compare the rest , they’re not the same. Newjeans’ music doesn’t have the cool quirky that f(x)’s title tracks have.


All the records of their career, it’s thanks to hybe. We have yet to see anything they have accomplished without the company 🤡


Then explain why bts solo and other hybe acts aren’t charting well, i’ll wait

WhatsThe Point

If only BTS solos got the same playlisting and radio play as new jeans

Sophie Kate

We said BTS. not solo acts


bts’s solos are breaking records, topping billboard charts , selling million 😍😍😍
stay delusional


Agree with WhatsThePoint. I keep myself update with every Hybe’s group cb to keep up with their charts and promotions and to compare with BTS so at least when I’m discussing here, I will know my facts and not blamely accusing people.

bts solos are not charting well like what Newjeans’ songs did because they don’t get push by BH and also their parent company , Hybe and only depends on fans to mass-streaming their songs. They don’t give them good playlisting like what Newjeans have rn. Please don’t start with ‘their songs are a hit/viral hence why they got added into the playlist thing’ with me cause if that’s the case IVE’s Love Dive or After Like would also be in TTH as soon as the song dropped like what Ditto got. Also if that’s the case then OMG would immediately being added to TTH now because that song is more viral than Ditto or equal

Other than BTS, the remaining Hybe’s acts don’t do well compared to Newjeans is just like what I said , they don’t push these acts like they push Newjeans rn. They only depend on fans to stream and get good numbers for the songs plus out of every Hybe’s acts rn , only BTS that have good number of streams due to their fanbase is strong. Other Hybe’s groups fanbase including Newjeans are not that good at streaming because their fandom is relatively still small if you compared to BTS.

Okay if we’re talking about k-charts , the investors or mediaplay articles comes into this equation. Newjeans debut just like any other 4th gen Hybe groups , being associated as BTS’s juniors , people were curious and they end up liking the songs . Okay I agree that Newjeans’ songs are gp-friendly but if they’re not from Hybe and rom Momoland or Dreamcatcher’s company , they would not be big like rn so Newjeans are lucky people love their songs plus the Hybe buff they got and k-gps love girl groups more than bgs. BTS announced they were going to military , Hybe were probably worried that investors were gonna pull out so Hybe went all out on this Newjeans’ cb such as paid playlisting and those terrible investors’ article to convince their investors that they got a group that can act as a replacement to BTS. They also push TXT very hard rn , there’s quite a difference of their type of promotion and achievement rn compared to their GBGB era. So here’s your answer 🙏🏻

It's whatever

Let me add that aside from the heavy playlisting (ditto got 147M reach, wtf), other hybe groups get lots of versions for their album that increase sales, they also started doing yt ads, while BTS just depends on fan support and no exposure to go thanks to BH no giving them anything

Grace Walker

Here you go as of 1/29/2023 – Billboard World Albums Chart: BTS, Proof, #1, 32nd consecutive week on the chart. RM’s, solo album Indigo, at #3, 7th week on the chart. J-Hope’s, Jack In The Box, solo album re-enters at #7.


TXT is doing fantastic with their most recent comeback. “Antifragile” was a hit. Seventeen has been doing very well. BTS literally barely promoted, but Ji Mom’s feature with Tae Yang is doing pretty well.


Plus good songs.


you’re talking as if miss A, BP and 2NE1 would make those records if they debut under nugu companies lol


That is so true….
It is quite ironic how people dragging njws for debutting in big companies, under a post where successful girl groups mentioned were all from big companies at that time.


YGE was not a part of the Big 3 until 2011. It was impressive that they got the records they did. 2NE1 was a big part of making YGE the modern huge company it was.

It's whatever

They obviously have good songs but all these payola by hybe and mhj believing it’s all bc of her and not BTS money, is SO annoying. We will never know if they were organic hits like 2ne1 and missA


2NE1 was legendary because variety shows parodied 2NE hit songs back in the day.


congratulations to nj!!!

i can’t believe a group of teenage girls that debuted in a country which romanticizes pedophilia and has access to hybe’s entire team and resources funded by bts’ sucess, including heavy playlisting, mediaplay and major brand deals with luxury fashion labels right after debuting, actually managed to succeed.

it’s so impressive 👏😳

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New jeans are real deal who gives af about which company they come from. When they are currently the most successful and talented one in that company. Hybe is known for new jeans now.

Kpop ruins everything good

In that case maybe they should get rid of lesserafim. I can’t distinguish that group from the rest of those girl groups. Can’t wait for Kpop layoffs in 2023

I ship InterpolxLee Soo Man

Nah, Newjeans is still not the face of Hybe. They have casual listeners who listen and know their songs but if you ask random people about Newjeans, they won’t know them let alone that they’re from Hybe.


I’m sorry but HYBE is known for BTS. Another day of nj stans being delusional af

Kpop ruins everything good

Korean you have low standards of what you consider legendary.


Agree, maybe they should stop debut groups with teens only

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