NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ was posted on The Weeknd’s Instagram

1. Wow, I heard that NewJeans’ songs are doing well in the US

2. He’s disgusting… It reminds me of The Idol…

3. Please stay away from our kids

4. When I think of The Weeknd, I only think of The Idol

5. I’m a fan of NewJeans, so I’m glad he posted about the song… He’s not a criminal, he’s a great musician

6. I’ve seen a lot of foreign singers mention K-pop because they’re related to it, but it’s really rare that they mention it just because they like the song

7. NewJeans is so popular

8. Super Shy is getting good reactions overseas, I hope it gets better

9. The Weeknd is musical genius, so it shows that Super Shy is so good

10. The song is so good and trendy

11. NewJeans is amazing

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