NewJeans surpasses IVE to become the trend these days

The difference between IVE and NewJeans’ views

As expected, NewJeans is the trend

[+510, -345]

1. [+361, -314] I can see that IVE’s bubble will burst soon

2. [+354, -174] Seriously, the actors’ reactions to NewJeans were legendary

3. [+316, -206] The difference is huge even in their live skillsㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+235, -58] But the difference is a lot bigger than I thought?? Is it because NewJeans’ video was uploaded a day before?? The difference is nearly 1 million views

5. [+107, -7] It’s not the opinion of a fan of NewJeans

6. [+101, -4] In fact, both groups are doing so well~

7. [+51, -34] These days, IVE’s views are lower than LE SSERAFIM~

8. [+31, -17] Since NewJeans has high views, they try to stop commenting. On the contrary, if IVE has high views, there will be a lot of comments praising IVE

9. [+24, -12] Honestly, I don’t like watching IVE’s stage

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