NewJeans surpasses IVE to become the trend these days

The difference between IVE and NewJeans’ views

As expected, NewJeans is the trend

[+510, -345]

1. [+361, -314] I can see that IVE’s bubble will burst soon

2. [+354, -174] Seriously, the actors’ reactions to NewJeans were legendary

3. [+316, -206] The difference is huge even in their live skillsㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+235, -58] But the difference is a lot bigger than I thought?? Is it because NewJeans’ video was uploaded a day before?? The difference is nearly 1 million views

5. [+107, -7] It’s not the opinion of a fan of NewJeans

6. [+101, -4] In fact, both groups are doing so well~

7. [+51, -34] These days, IVE’s views are lower than LE SSERAFIM~

8. [+31, -17] Since NewJeans has high views, they try to stop commenting. On the contrary, if IVE has high views, there will be a lot of comments praising IVE

9. [+24, -12] Honestly, I don’t like watching IVE’s stage

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i like watching newjeans bc they’re energetic and lively and i like watching ive because they’re like living dolls. either way i win !


ive is starting to get the aespa/stayc treatment on stan twt these days and now they moving to ‘praise’/token stan newjeans and lesserafim . These knetz and kpop fans turn their backs from these girl groups so fast.

it’s gonna be hell probably for these two groups when another new trendy gg is coming . Praying it’s not the case for these two groups cause they were hated from their debut , hoping they got the reverse hate or something 👤

who you

there’ll be another hybe girlgroup coming next year and also yg new girlgroup, so let’s see 😂


Watch le sserafim beat those two up slowly but surely


Le sserafim already are getting more views on performance and live stages fancams


Or just leave all the girls alone and let them all find success their own ways. Nobody has to beat anyone up and it’s fine that IVE got success this year??? It doesn’t take away from NWJNS’ or LSF’s successes either.

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not here

the only key is to keep releasing good or catchy enough songs lol


Cause NewJeans are from a Big company Duh! Thank you BTS.


Cause Ive have 2 ex member from izone Duh! Thank you Wy and Yjn.

Lazy Banana

Don’t forget to thank Kakao for the bad articles they write about other groups too


7. [+51, -34] These days, IVE’s views are lower than LE SSERAFIM~

Why are they getting booed, they’re right.

Anyways, NJ is gaining a chokehold on SK and this next comeback will be important. LSF is growing really well internationally and at home. IVE shot up fast but they need to sustain it, because just good music isn’t enough when NJ has the “nations little sisters” image locked with a their fresh concept and LSF are coined as the best performers of their generation – both also have great music. So like…IVE needs an identity and quick.


to be fair i do think ive lacks the “identity” , they need to be known more as the group with wonyoung


I agree , they got hit songs under their name but other than that, as a group they are pretty shaky , their fanbase is only strong at album sales, all the streams from casual listeners, their choreographies also lack something, I think it’s because they are too focused on hand-movements dance and face expressions

not here

yup. both newjeans and lesserafim not only have good song but also fun & interesting choreography, so I genuinely enjoy their stage even if I have watched it a lot of times. for ive, I like all their title tracks but tbh I only enjoy eleven’s stage because for me it’s their most fun choreo


Isn’t new jeans known because of their songs, their company and being young?


it’s because of their producer min heejin at first. and after that, it’s those three and also their choreo, many people dancing to hype boy, attention & even cookie


wonyoung facial expression way too much, fkin cringe, she needs to maintain her health instead act wobbly wobbly


New jeans too. Their facial expressions are sometimes way too much


they’re both mid…


yeah in terms of vocal & dance but they both have good songs & good visuals


I actually like new jeans songs and I can name only 5/6 gg songs ever that I actually tolerate.

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