Next year will be their 15th debut anniversary! If there is a special reunion, which girl group would you most like to meet?




After School


1. f(x), I want to see Krystal on stage

2. Everything, groups here, including Secret and Rainbow, I want to see all the idols who debuted in 2009

3. 2NE1

4. 4Minute’s stage was so good

5. After School

6. 2NE1, 4Minute, f(x) ㅠㅠ

7. I want to listen to 2NE1’s music

8. I want to listen to 2NE1’s new song

9. 2NE1! f(x) seems hard to reunite, but I want to see it

10. I want to see After School

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2ne1 new music 🤲🏻


snsd ot8?8(


wait I mean snsd ot9

Seungri Oppa ❤️

We should also remember that all of them were successful because of Seungri Oppa ❤️ influence.


2nd gen gg should all make a comeback at the same time and show 4th gen what’s real performance is. all 4th gen do nowadays is lipsync


2NE1 👍🏻


T-ara songs were a wall that not even 2ne1 could beat, their songs were always #1 for months like Roly Poly, BopepBopep, Yayaya, Day by day, etc… Plus all their members were so beautiful 💜




T-ara never stopped promoting so I’m sure they’ll do something
f(x) would SLAYYY but logistically, it’s so hard. They’re all doing so well, and I hope one day they can come together and release a single or something.
4Minute need to get over that alleged beef because they tore up the stage every time

As for 2ne1, I have never seen members hold on to their group as tightly as 2ne1 does; Bom still introduces herself as 2ne1 Bom and includes a lot of 2ne1 songs in her setlist, and Dara sometimes does as well, Dara’s new tiktok account is currently just 2ne1 dance videos, CL always includes 2ne1 songs in her setlist, it seems like they cant move on and are still hurt by what they went through, but to put it in a different perspective, I can’t imagine Yoona posting a Gee and Genie dance cover in 2023 or Taeyeon singing The Boys in her concerts, so I hope they get to do this and get closure so that they can move on
My biggest fear for an artist is that they become throwback acts and I think 2ne1 deserves better than this

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