Ningning’s outfit is causing controversy

Is it possible to wear Ningning’s outfit on music shows?

Seriously, that see-through shirt

1. Why is she dressed like that?

2. Their coordi is crazy…

3. Because of her face, I wonder what’s up with her clothes, but.. There must be other pretty clothes, but why…

4. I was surprised when I saw her outfit

5. What is this? But it’s not even pretty, so don’t wear something like that

6. Wow… Giselle and Ningning’s skirts are too short

7. It’s embarrassing, but why is her face so pretty?

8. Doesn’t it look too much like she’s just wearing a bra…?

9. No, their coordi is weird.. Why is she dressed like that??

10. Hul, it’s like a bra

11. Ever since they debuted, I felt like they were wearing too many underwear-like clothes on Ningning

12. She looks like a high school girl, so wearing a see-through outfit is weird

13. But why do Karina and Winter look alike???? I thought Winter was Karina

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This isn’t what she wore on stage though. On stage it was more like a black tube(?) top with the sheer shirt over it. Didn’t look weird at all.

Also, she’s really glowing this era <3

Teenaged puppy

Knetz picking and choosing who can dress like this is funny


Weren’t they calling Bp hot girls for wearing revealing clothes? 🤔


When did they say that? hypocritical bitch


Not blonks calling someone hypocrite, when they’re the most toxic and two-faced fandom ever 🤡


You can literally read all the Bp posts here and you’ll see (if you’re not blind ofc) how k-netizens love them, and whatever they do or wear they gonna call them hot and rich )


I knew you trash was going to end up doing it about Jennie or BP, let them go.


Well it is what it is, it’s a fact and blonks can’t do anything with it )


Sexy. I like it.


Again..when its BP twerking on bikini at the stage, it was mediaplay as cool and sexy, bit this Ningning didn’t even go to stage like that, but still got criticized? Double standard


BTCH stfu like they didn’t embarrass her and made hate tweet hits calling her all kinds of qualifiers. stop mentioning jennie. Hypocrite


huh…I didn’t make tweet about Jennie. Let alone a hate tweet. She’s not that special to me. Why should I ?


What’s wrong with it? She’s a grown woman. And it doesn’t even look “vulger” like they’re making of it

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