Ningning’s outfit is causing controversy

Is it possible to wear Ningning’s outfit on music shows?

Seriously, that see-through shirt

1. Why is she dressed like that?

2. Their coordi is crazy…

3. Because of her face, I wonder what’s up with her clothes, but.. There must be other pretty clothes, but why…

4. I was surprised when I saw her outfit

5. What is this? But it’s not even pretty, so don’t wear something like that

6. Wow… Giselle and Ningning’s skirts are too short

7. It’s embarrassing, but why is her face so pretty?

8. Doesn’t it look too much like she’s just wearing a bra…?

9. No, their coordi is weird.. Why is she dressed like that??

10. Hul, it’s like a bra

11. Ever since they debuted, I felt like they were wearing too many underwear-like clothes on Ningning

12. She looks like a high school girl, so wearing a see-through outfit is weird

13. But why do Karina and Winter look alike???? I thought Winter was Karina

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