NMIXX gives netizens goosebumps when they sing live in “Love Me Like This” stage practice

NMIXX “Love Me Like This” Stage Practice

1. They sang live??? Daebak daebak

2. I was surprised because they sang live!! Their skills are crazy

3. Seriously crazy… I really hope that people who do well like these people shine even more

4. Sullyoon is crazy. How can she sing like that with that face???? Lily’s voice is amazing

5. Lily, Haewon, Kyujin, Sullyoon, these four are really goodㅋㅋㅋㅋJiwoo and Bae are also stable and good

6. Wow, their skills are crazy, everyone is crazy

7. The choreography is intense, but the live performance is perfect

8. Wow, it’s really awesome. I got goosebumps watching it

9. The members are all talented, but Sullyoon is even better than I thought

10. I think they have the best skills among female idols. Seriously, everyone is so good, I was surprised

11. I couldn’t believe it even after watching it. Wow, even though I’m not a fan, I’m really proud of them

12. I’m sure there’s no other group that has as many powerful vocals as NMIXX

13. I’m not even a fan, but I’m so proud.. Why do they sing so well;;;

14. Wow it’s crazy……. It gave me goosebumps

15. The live performance gave viewers goosebumps, there were no holes, the song and choreography were perfect

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